SeaWorld Orlando: New Coaster & and Awesome Ticket Deal (Sponsored)

I have always been a huge fan of SeaWorld. I can remember many trips my family would take to Orlando and SeaWorld was always one of our destinations. When my oldest daughter was born, we took her several times to SeaWorld as well, because I wanted her to come to love it as much as I did. Now I have 5 kids, and I would love to take them all to SeaWorld and let them experience it for themselves.

Now that we’re living in Georgia, SeaWorld is a vacation destination that’s actually within driving distance. We won’t need to worry about plane tickets or anything else, saving us tons of money in the long run.

SeaWorld also has a very special ticket deal going on: Buy a ticket to SeaWorld and you get a ticket to Aquatica or Busch Gardens for FREE!!!!

I have yet to see another Orlando theme park offer up an opportunity like this. This is an incredible deal!

And did you know that SeaWorld Orlando just opened a new roller coaster? That’s right! It’s called the Manta! Now, I am not a roller coaster fan, but my husband and my daughter both are. They are dying to get down to SeaWorld and try out this new coaster for themselves. What about you? Are you a fan of roller coasters? Do you want to try the new Manta? If you do head down to SeaWorld and try it, be sure to post here and let me know! You’ll make my husband and daughter both incredibly jealous. 😉

SeaWorld is a great vacation destination for families…. or anyone. And with the new coaster and the awesome ticket deal they have right now, what are you waiting for? Head on down to SeaWorld Orlando and have *lots* of fun!


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