September 17th

This afternoon, I was packing up a bunch of things in my office, and Jace was here “helping” me. He found an old proof book from my first maternity session. He picked it up and looked at it. On the inside cover was my logo. He asked what it was and why it was in the book. I explained that it had my name on it and it was so people would know who took the pictures. He replied, “Oh! It has your name? That’s sweet!”

As he flipped through a few more pages, he paused and said, “Ya know, I have no idea who is in this picture. She has a baby in her belly, but I don’t know who that baby is!”

A few minutes later, he gave up on the photo album and moved on to something else. He found a HUGE family Bible that my parents always had lying on our coffee table. He starts to flip through and he found all of the pictures. “Hey! Wow! This is a cool picture! Mom, look! There are faeries in this book! But why does this man have a sword? The fairy is yelling at him!”

The precious mind of a 3 year old. I love it!

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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