September 19th

Jace is a boy who does NOT like to lose. I mean, if this child loses, all hell breaks loose and anyone near him better watch out. I’ve been trying to work with him on this, but it feels like it’s to no avail.

Well, the kids were playing outside this afternoon, and all of a sudden I heard this AWFUL screaming. I run (as fast as this pregnant body will let me) out there, and discover that Jace is quite upset that Zander kept winning the races.

So, Jace and I sat down and had a talk. Here’s how it went:

Me: Jace, you need to understand that you can’t always win everything.
Jace: But Zander wins ALL the time. It’s just cuz he’s bigger than me.
Me: Yes, he’s bigger than you now, but there may be a day that you’re bigger than him. Won’t that be fun?
Jace: How can I be bigger than him? He was borned before me, and he is always going to be bigger.
Me: Well, I was born before my brother, but he’s WAY bigger than me now. (Note, Adam, I meant TALLER!)
Jace: Really?
Me: Yep. My brother is almost 4 years younger than me, and he can beat me at almost anything now.
Jace: Well, I hope someday I’m bigger than Zander. Like when I’m 15. Then I can beat HIM at everything, and I’ll be the best.
Me: But you know it’s ok to lose sometimes, too, right? We can’t always win everything.
Jace: But, Mom! You said that I’ll be bigger. That means I’ll always win. I’ll be better than Zander and HE will be the one crying all the time.

SIGH……. it’s like talking to a brick wall some days.

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    Cute! Whenever a need a smile I read this blog.

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