September 20th

This morning, while the kids were at Grandma & Joe’s, Gene and I went to pick up the moving truck. Later on, I went to pick up the kids and bring them home. A few minutes after we got home, Gene arrived with the big yellow truck after picking some things up at the old house.

Jace flew to the window and yelled, “YAY!! Now we can move our house to Georgia.”

Zander got a nervous look on his face and said, “But, Mom, are we going to be able to fit *all* of our toys on that truck?”

Poor kid was so worried that he’d have to leave all of his toys behind!

As a side note – I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back online. I’ll keep a daily log, though, of the things the kids say, and will update once I’m able to get back online!

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    Becka Marsch, Parent Educator, Wee Hand Instructor says:
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    Cailin Yates 16785083 Arbonne International says:

    hmm.. well you were on my list to tag but Becka beat me to it… stillI am enjoying browsing your blog.
    How was the move????

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