September 21st

Today was Homecoming Sunday at our church. They start off with a service down at the church’s cemetery which happens to be down a large hill and across the street. I KNEW that there was no way I would be able to walk back up the hill, so I stayed in the auditorium with the boys and Lucy while Gene and Ash went down to the cemetery.

Here’s the conversation the boys and I had while we were waiting on everyone to come back up to the church:

Z: Mom? Where is everybody?
Me: They’re down in the cemetery having a special service.
JJ: What’s a cememetery? (Spelled just like he said it.)
Me: A cemetery is where they bury people who have died.
Z: So they’re down with all the dead people?
Me: Honey… the dead people are buried in the ground. It’s safe, I promise.
JJ: Well, I want to go see the dead people.
Me: Jace, you can’t see them. They’re in the ground.
JJ: Is everyone in the ground?
Me: Only the people who have died.
Z: Yep. And everybody else is standing on top of them.
JJ: Cool. I want to stand on the dead people too.

Thank goodness, it was at that point that Mandy came into the auditorium. I was SO afraid of where that conversation was going! It had gone far enough!

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