September 3rd

The boys were playing with Jace’s new toys that he got for his birthday. One of them was an Incredible Hulk figurine (HUGE) that lights up and scream and yells. It’s actually a very cool toy, even if it is a very noisy one.

Anyway, they were sitting on the floor of the living room playing with the Hulk, and I overheard them talking:

Z: Jace? Isn’t this the coolest toy ever? I wish I had gotten one.
JJ: Yeah, it is. And it’s mine. I’ll share it with you, though.
Z: Ok. And I’ll share my Batman any time you want to play with him.
JJ: Ok. Deal.
Z: You know what would be even cooler, though?
JJ: What?
Z: If this hulk started out as Bruce Banner and then got mad and popped all his clothes off to turn into the Hulk!
JJ: Ohhhhhh……. that would be cool. Do you think we could make it do it?
Z: No. We only have girl doll clothes. We don’t have any boy clothes that would fit him.
JJ: Oh. Too bad boys don’t wear dresses.

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