September 3rdT

This evening, we went over to Papa Joe & Grandma Ida’s house for a bar-b-que. After dinner, we had cupcakes and ice cream. Jace was dying to play outside, so he swallowed his cupcake, took 2 bites of ice cream and announced that he was done and he needed to go outside. I told him that he needed to wait until Ashley & Zander finished so they could go out with him. He put his elbow on the table, placed his chin in his hand, and sighed, “But they are taking for long, and I am going to be waiting forever!”

Once they finally got outside, some of the other kids caught a frog in the creek. All of a sudden, I heard Jace scream bloody murder, so I ran outside to see what had happened. Apparently, they were showing Jace the frog and it jumped out of the girl’s hand and smacked right into Jace’s chest. Jace freaked out! I came outside and the tears were just pouring down his cheeks. “Mom,” he said, “You need to squish that frog! It scareded me to death!”

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