Sid the Science Kid & Dive Olly Dive on DVD (CLOSED)

Anyone who reads this blog knows what a HUGE fan of PBS Kids I am. They offer educational shows that my kids love, and I love letting my kids watch!

Sid the Science Kid is the Emmy-Nominated PBS series produced by the Jim Henson Company, and definitely a hit with my kids. My kids love the opening theme song, and get excited to find out what Sid is going to learn in that episode. And when it’s rug time, watch out! My kids will dance around and get on the Spiderman rug in front of the tv. Although Zander did tell me that we need to get a different rug because our Spiderman rug doesn’t look like Susie’s rug. If anyone knows where I can find a green rug with leaves all over it for a reasonable price, let me know! 😉

Another fantastic PBS show is Dive Olly Dive! which airs on PBS Sprout. We don’t have Sprout at our house, but my MIL does. The kids love Olly, and are always excited when he’s on at MIL’s house. Lucy just adores Beth, and when Olly is on, she must be called Beth. It’s very sweet.

Want Some Exciting News?
Releasing tomorrow (8/4), there will be 2 Sid the Science Kid DVDs available as well as a Dive Olly Dive! DVD! That’s right! No more waiting for your favorite shows to air on PBS or PBS Sprout, your kids will be able to watch them any time on DVD.

Each Sid the Science Kid DVD contains 4 episodes, and both contain a Free Bonus DVD with full stories from Sid the Science Kid, Word World, Dive Olly Dive!, Hurray for Huckle!, Tiny Planets, Will & Dewitt, Animal Atlas, Hermie and Friends, Pocoyo and Hopla. Over 134 minutes of fun just on the bonus DVDs!

“Change Happens” DVD
My Mushy Banana
My Shrinking Shoes
My Ice Pops
The Perfect Pancake

“The Bug Club” DVD
Hello Doggie
Home Tweet Home
The Dirt on Dirt
Don’t Forget the Leaves

The Dive Olly Dive! 3D-animated DVD for preschoolers features five episodes from the Dive Olly Dive! series, which explores the many interesting facets of ocean life in an entertaining and educational way. With exciting underwater adventures featured throughout, this lively DVD is a perfect way to cap off a fun-filled day at the beach!

“Dive Olly Dive!: Ship Shape Sub”
Haunted Ship Prank
Less is More
Navigation Consternation
Follow that Lobster
Don’t Tell Beth

My Review of the Sid the Science Kid & Dive Olly Dive DVDs
When the package arrived with the DVDs inside, and my kids saw what had come in the mail, they flipped! They put Dive Olly Dive! in first because they wanted to “introduce” me to Beth & Olly. They sat on the couch the entire time, telling me about each character, and excited about what was going on in each episode. I loved that not only did the DVD teach the kids about the ocean and sea life, it also taught them life lessons. I loved the episode called Less is More. Ranger is the cutest little Cowboy seahorse, and I love how Suzy the Seaplane learns that even someone as little as Ranger can make a big difference. Another great point the Dive Olly Dive! DVD makes is that Olly and Beth (and Suzy!) learn from their mistakes. It shows kids that they’re going to mess up, but it’s important to learn what we did wrong and how to go about doing things the next time around.

Over the next few days, we watched Sid the Science Kid and all the bonus footage over and over and over again. You would think that I would be tired of it, but I’m really not. Every time I hear the songs on Sid the Science Kid, I’ll sing right along with the kids. I really loved these DVDs. I love that Sid learns so many lessons with his friends, and my kids are learning while Sid learns. Sid always knows just the right questions to ask – like “What makes dirt so dirty?” and “Why did my yellow banana turn brown?” and he always gets the answer. Now when my kids ask “WHY?” I can pop in a DVD and let Sid & his friends explain it!

The bonus DVDs are awesome. I was surprised at how much was on there! The kids loved it, and I really did too. These are excellent DVDs to have in your home if you want your kids to have access to fantastic PBS Kids shows.

Want to Check Out These DVDs for Yourself?
To Buy: Starting tomorrow, August 4th, these DVDs will be available to purchase in retail stores nationwide.

To Win: I get to give away a copy of all THREE DVDs to 1 (ONE) Lucky Reader!

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    Clifford is our favorite because he is fun, kind, and teaches great life lessons, such as being honest, sharing, and being a good friend.

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    I'm going to be honest here: my daughter is across the room sacked out, but the cat and I played Martha Speaks: Funny Photos! And it was fun, too 🙂

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    Our favorite is Sesame Street because it's fun to watch (and for me, I know they learn from it)

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    We definitely love Sesame Street, especially Elmo!

    Thanks for the chance!

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