SIGH. Baby Stuff….

Ok, Lori! Your post has been driving me CRAZY!

You see, I am in LOVE with this nursery set:

I am obsessed with turtles, monkeys, and giraffes. This could not be a more perfect set for me my baby. Honestly.

I decided to show it to hubby tonight. And, well, here’s how our conversation went:

“Honey, come look at this bedding set. Isn’t it cute?!”
“Oh, I like that. Very cute. But we don’t need it.”
“I know we don’t need it, but wouldn’t it be perfect for Parker?”
“Angie, you KNOW that Parker is going to be sharing a bedroom with the boys and it will have a Spiderman theme.”
“Yes, honey, I know. But this is just SO cute. I bet that if I design 2 or 3 websites, I could pay for the entire set!”
“But don’t you think it would make sense for you to design the websites and buy something that we actually need for this baby? We have no place for him to sleep after he’s born. Or how about the fact that we have very few clothes for this baby. Nor do we have a high chair, baby toys, a car seat, a stroller, nothing. You remember that, right?”

SIGH. Hubby quickly snapped me back into reality. We sold every “baby” item we had when we moved. We figured why move what you’ll never use again. So much for that theory!

But, man. That has to be the cutest set I have EVER seen. I may just find the monkey rug and put it in our room. That’ll show hubby! 😉

So, I guess I’m going to have to make the baby a special “Spiderman” quilt for the crib he doesn’t have.

Hmmm……. guess that means I should probably learn how in the heck to quilt!

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    Jewllori by Lori says:


    Sounds awfully familiar…though we do have a crib, but the bed set is definitely not a need right now! I love it too though… and really why do hubby’s have to do that to us!? ALL THE TIME!?!!Raining on our parades, and bringing us back to reality *sigh*

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    Prim Chic says:

    Angie – if you are going to try to make a quilt anyways, why not make a jungle theme quilt? You might even be able to find pre-quilted type material online, walmart or wherever you shop for fabric…just a thought. BTW – Love your baby set.

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    If you could find a way to get it there, you can have ALL of Julian’s stuff…it was all brand new for him because we, just like you, were done. Then you could buy your bedding and put it on a brand new crib (it’s been used maybe 10 times)…he sleeps with us.

    Planning any trips to Canada any time soon?

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