Sikulu & Harambe by the Zambezi River (Review)

Thanks to Parent Reviewers, I got the opportunity to review the book Sikulu & Harambe: By the Zambezi River. It is an African version of the Good Samaritan story written by Kunle Oguneye and illustrated by Bruce McCorkindale.

When the book arrived, I couldn’t take my hands off of it. The illustrations were beautiful. I slowly flipped through every page just taking everything in. I couldn’t wait to read it to my kids.

My wait didn’t last long. The moment they saw the book, they immediately wanted to read it. So we did. And then we did again. And again. We read the book 4 times in a row. For the next 3 days, we did the exact same thing. Whenever I would ask them what book they wanted to read, “Sikulu & Harambe!” was the unanimous answer.

My kids loved learning the new words and their meanings. I love how much they love this book and the moral behind the story. And there are even more fantastic features in the back of the book! The discussion questions are a fabulous tool for my boys. They also loved learning more about Zambia and the African animals.
After reading the book, we logged onto and took a long look around. Lucy’s favorite part was watching Sikulu & Harambe dance. She must have watched that 20 times in a row! 🙂 The boys thought it was so cool that you can buy a stuffed Sikulu & Harambe to keep forever!

Word has it that this is just the first in a series of adventures that will follow Sikulu, the spider, and Harambe, the hippo, as they travel to different countries in Africa.

My kids and I can’t wait to see where they end up next! We’ll definitely be following them along in their journeys!

Edited to add: Kunle, the author, stopped by my blog and wanted me to let you know that you can purchase an autographed copy of the book over on their website:

Be sure to stop over there today and get your copy. This really is such a fantastic book!

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    Sounds great, Angie. I’m going to buy it for Annalise’s library.

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    Hey Angie,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review of the book. I LOVE IT. I love the pictures as well. Would you mind if I use them for some promotional literature?

    By the way, this is Kunle Oguneye, the author. I just stumbled on your blog and I’m honored that you would write such a glowing review about my book.

    Please let your readers know that they can order an autographed copy from our website,



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