Silly Dogs & Crazy Cats (Book Review)

I recently had the opportunity to review two wonderful books by Gandee Vasan: Silly Dogs and Crazy Cats. Both books are super-silly, crazy-cool, see-me, touch-me, play-with-me books for kids of all ages.

My Review of Silly Dogs & Crazy Cats

First of all, I have to say that I almost cried when I opened the envelope containing these books. When I pulled the books out of the envelope, Crazy Cats was on the top. There, on the front cover, was a cat that looked just like Hunter – our beloved cat that we just lost. I couldn’t believe how much it looked like Hunter, but I knew that I was going to love the book from the first moment I saw it.

And I really did love it – I loved both of them. I love books that the kids can interact with. It’s great for Parker (almost 1 year), because he’s starting to explore the world and everything in it. He knows what cats and dogs are, and these books are a great way to teach him that a kitty’s fur is so soft, a doggy’s tongue is smooth and sticky, and so on. And, this way, you don’t actually have to touch a dog’s tounge to feel that it’s smooth and sticky. 🙂 Parker also really loves the pages with the peek-a-boo flaps. We’ll sit for hours and “peek” at Traveling Joe in his little carrier.

Lucy also loves the books. While she can’t read, Silly Dogs and Crazy Cats are a great way to get her excited about reading. She’ll sit and play with these books over and over again. She keeps them in her little purse and they go with us to church, the grocery store, just about everywhere! I had such a love for books as a kid, and I get excited when my kids show the same interest that I had.

Even the older kids love these books. Right away, all the kids noticed how much the cat on the cover looked like Hunter. Then, they all had to take a turn looking at the books: touching each page, lifting the flaps, spinning the wheel. Zander has read the book out loud to Parker many, many times over, and I’m really not sure who loves it more!

Silly Dogs and Crazy Cats have been a fantastic way to get all of the kids excited about reading, playing together, and just keeping them quiet. (What mom couldn’t use that?!)

Overall, these books are a HIT in my family, and they’ve made the perfect addition to our home library!

Want to Get Your Hands on These Books?
Head to Amazon and grab your copy of Silly Dogs and Crazy Cats. At just $7.99 each, they’re a steal!

Thank you to aMomEntrepreneuer for sending me a copy of both books to get my opinion and review on them.

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