Snowflakes = Complete Panic

Gene’s boss called him this evening and said, “I need the entire stock crew to come in tonight. Because they’re calling for 2 inches of snow tonight, people swamped the store and the shelves are empty.”

So, Gene called everyone on the stock crew. All but one guy will be there. Apparently, his mommy doesn’t want him driving that far in the snow. (No joke – that’s what he told Gene!)

I guess when you’ve spent 29 winters in the Chicago Suburbs and in North East Ohio, 2 inches of snow just doesn’t seem panic-worthy. But, down here, just the sight of one snowflake is enough for them to shut down school, and even close some businesses. It just seems so crazy to me!

In other news, I scheduled the boys’ dentist appointments today. They’ll go in on Monday and have the sedation done. I’ve talked to several hygenists, several other moms, and I have prayed long and hard about this. I just think it’s the right step to take! Wish us luck!

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    Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    I always get a chuckle when I hear “southerners” freak out about snow. Things don’t get crazy here until they starting about 10-12 inches.

    Good luck with the dentist appt. I hope it goes smoothly for the kiddos!

  2. 2

    LOL at the snow panic. I guess if you are not prepared for it, it can cause panic!

    Good luck at the dentist!

  3. 3
    The Stevens Family says:

    That’s pretty funny. We just got about 5 inches last week, and the only panic here was “EVERYBODY GO SKIING!! Great weather, new powder!!”

    Hope everything goes well at the dentist! You’ll have to give us a follow-up.

  4. 4

    2 inches? That’s it? School is still on up here when we get a foot of snow… haha. That’s kinda funny!

    I’ve never seen a store ambushed before…

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