So bummed! :(

Had to drop my Aunt Linda off at the fair today, so I thought I’d find out how our booth did in the judging yesterday.

The judges are supposed to judge booths by what the display says it will contain. For example, the Boy Scout booth should have items pertaining to the Boy Scouts. If it does, they receive a blue ribbon. If it doesn’t, they receive a red ribbon.

Well, I said that my booth was for a photography studio and a boutique. I thought for sure we’d get a blue ribbon, not based on the design of the booth, but because of how the juding is supposed to work.

We didn’t.

We got a red ribbon. My booth and one other booth received red ribbons. I am so, so bummed about this. How’s it going to look as thousands of people walk by and see that big bright red ribbon on my booth? SIGH. Not good.

I asked if I could take it off…. or at least stop by with some blue spray paint, and I can’t. It has to stay there until the fair is over. Bummer, bummer, bummer.

The nice thing is, though, that all the ladies who work in that section of the fair were quite upset about my booth only getting a red ribbon. One lady even called out the 2 male judges and said that they didn’t know what they were judging – with them standing right there! Apparently, my booth and ribbon were the topic of discussion all day long, and Aunt Linda thinks it may be the discussion for the remainder of the fair. At least I have all those ladies on my side! 🙂

So, we didn’t get a blue ribbon. We got a red. I still really hope this brings something my way. It’s still a bummer, though.

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