So You Know I’m Not Lying…

Here’s a picture of our driveway:

Our Dreaded Driveway

It is really pretty, isn’t it? But all that snow is deceiving. Underneath the snow is a muddy mess, full of holes and uneven ground.

I took this photo about halfway down our driveway, and the top is the same way. Steep, scary, and just a mess. I’m praying there are no more falls during this pregnancy, because getting back up the driveway is hard to do. 🙂 The snow gives some traction, but now that we’ve finally got temperatures above freezing, it’s all melting and turning to mud.

I’m busy with a blogger to wordpress transfer for a friend and client today, but I wanted to at least pop in and say hello to my readers. Hopefully you’re staying warm and having a great weekend!

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    Wow! You’re becoming the Blogger to WordPress guru! I love what you did for me, just working on getting used to WP.

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    Hey our driveway looks like that too but at least our hill isn’t so steep. Please be careful.

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    Lauralee Hensley says:

    Yikes, that is a bit of an incline there. I have a short concrete driveway with a slight incline and both my husband and I’ve had a fall on it thus far this winter. I really wouldn’t want to have to be on a driveway that long and with that kind of an incline on a wet or wintery weather day.
    You be extra careful.

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