Some Funnies for the Weekend…

Happy Halloween!

I may not be here, but there will still be some new content added everyday. Be sure to stop by often.

Today, I thought I’d share some funnies from one of my other blogs. Here are just a few of the funny things my kids have said:

  • We bought Parker a HUGE blow-up playpen. (It was on sale for anabsolute steal!) While we were blowing it up (because our air pumpkeeled out), we were all taking turns. All of a sudden, Jace burst intotears. When I asked him why he was crying he said, “Zander’s going touse up all his air if he keeps blowing!”
  • Jace has been really sick all week. Last night, he was lying in my bedand Parker was next to him. Jace was talking away to Parker and then heaccidentally called Parker “Lucy.” I couldn’t help but giggle when Iheard Jace tell Parker:

    “I’m so sorry, Parker. I know you’re not Lucy. Blame it on Mama. She’s the one who had all these kids.”

  • Jace was mad at me this afternoon because I wouldn’t let him dosomething that he wanted to do. He told me, “When I grow up, I’m goingto do whatever I want to do!”

    Zander jumped in and said, “Only if your wife says you can!”

  • This afternoon, as we were driving into town, we saw a bunch of trucksin front of our little post office, and yellow Caution tape. Ashley’seyes grew as big as saucers and she asked, “Was someone killed at ourpost office?”

    (Now, you must know that we live in a teeny town,popluation… about 12. Nothing ever happens here, and if it does,Grandma tells me. She didn’t tell me about someone being killed outsideof our post office.)

    As we drove past the post office, we sawthat they were pouring new sidewalk, and the yellow caution tape was tokeep people away from the freshly poured concrete.

    I asked Ashwhy she thought someone had been killed, and she said, “Because on tvthey only use that yellow tape at a crime scene.”

I love having a large family, because you never know what you’ll hear out of any of their mouths – at any given time!

What are some of the funny things your kids have said?

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    Veronica Lee says:

    Happy Halloween!!

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    That was funny! I need to start writing more of my kid's comments down.

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