Southerners crack me up!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I live in the South, but I’m a transplant. A Yankee, if you will. I have spent 29 of my 30 (and a half) years living in North East Ohio and the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. In September, 2007, we uprooted our lives and moved to the North Georgia Mountains.

Don’t get me wrong. This was the best move we ever made. We love it down here. I love getting in my car and seeing mountains all around me whenever I go anywhere. It’s beautiful!

But, there are some things about the South that I’m still adjusting to. For example, it has been colder than usual down here the last few days. These Southerners just can’t handle the cold. And snow? Well, last night it started snowing. Our whole area went into panic mode. No one leaves the house, and they called off school for the next day. The next day. Because of a few flakes. Geez. When I was in school, it took a category 4 blizzard before we got the day off school. They see a flake down here and school gets canceled.

On Sunday morning, the boys Sunday school teacher couldn’t make it to church because they got 2 inches of snow. 2 inches. Can you imagine? It must have been a mess. LOL. I’m sorry, but 2 inches? 12 inches might be panic worthy, but 2 inches?

I suppose after living in IL and Ohio, and dealing with tons and tons of snow every single winter, I just find it so funny how quick they are to panic down here.

What do you think? When do you start panicking when the snow starts falling?

Angie Vinez (2894 Posts)

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    Jill Reeves aka Silly Jilly says:

    Angie — as a native East Tennessean, I know where you’re coming from on the snow issue. Growing up as a child, we actually got a lot of snow — much more than the few inches that we sometimes get during the winters. I was amazed when we took a trip to Jackson Hole and discovered that people actually do drive in feet of snow and ice!

    Now that I have a school aged child, I can easily predict when school will be out — it’s usually when the first flake falls and even looks like it might accummulate, THEN I know school will be closed. We’re on day two of being out this week (not counting Monday’s holiday).

    Ooh, better go get milk and bread 🙂

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    Houston is the same way. I admit, I am a little, too, because I was only 14 when I left Chicago and never learned to drive in it. But some of the days off for no reason have been really convenient, I admit.

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    Lori Homeyer says:

    I had to laugh (especially since I am still living in the Chicago area, but spent many summers in Arkansas where we have family)! They don’t usually cancel school for snow, it’s when the temps (including wind chill) reaches 40 below zero. Snow, we just adjust and hopefully all the transplants will just stay off the roads – LOL!!! And we still drive the BIG SUV’s and 4-wheel drive trucks too!!

    I love this story because we still have family in the South…thanks for sharing.

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    Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    That is pretty funny…I’ve grown up with snow all my life and I don’t think school has ever been canceled bc of actual snowfall, only ice that makes the roads undrivable or extreme windchills.

    Last year we had a snowstorm so blinding you couldn’t see 10 feet in front of your car, but I still ventured out…I need some hot chocolate. lol

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