Stuff You Just Don’t Talk About.

Carrying a baby proves one of the most amazing feats a woman’s body can perform, but seeing your body beautifully transformed sometimes comes with rather unpleasant side effects. It’s nothing you’d ever want to talk about but, let’s face it, hemorrhoids can become a nightmare for women during pregnancy – and beyond. Many of us have had to deal with the uncomfortable symptoms they bring – pain, burning, itching – fortunately, hemorrhoids aren’t serious but you’ll most likely need to treat them.

I find it much easier to research treatments for a sensitive subject like this before you walk into a crowded store – filled, of course, with your teenage babysitter, your husband’s office manager, and the guy down the street – and are faced with having to make a decision at the shelf.

For Moms who experience hemorrhoids, Tucks brand medicated products provide an effective and soothing relief. Tucks Hemorrhoidal Ointment, Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Ointment and Medicated Pads can help with the discomfort, burning, itching and other side effects that hemorrhoids bring with them. Tucks also has a line of Take Alongs, medicated towelettes that give you a convenient way to treat hemorrhoid symptoms on the go.

I always thought that Hemorrhoids were for old people. After all – my parents and grandparents used them. That meant I wouldn’t have to worry about them until I got old, right? WRONG. After having my first baby at the age of 19, I also had my first bout of hemorrhoids. OUCH. With each pregnancy and each delivery I’ve had to deal with them for weeks after the baby’s birth. Mom Central recently sent me a box of Tucks Take-Alongs, and I really wish I had had these right after Parker was born. Small and discreet, they’re perfect to throw in the diaper bag or your purse so that you always have relief on hand.

Another thing about Tucks medicated pads that you may or may not know is that they are *wonderful* at relieving pain from an episiotomy. I’d spend weeks with Tucks um…. “tucked” in between my legs after having a baby, just because they were the only thing I found that provided real relief.

Hemorrhoids are much more common than you may think, and while this is one of those things that no one like to talk about, you can rest assured knowing that Tucks will provide relief for your worst discomfort.

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    cbdkndmom says:

    All I have to say is Tucks ROCKS! They are so my friend. I don't know where I would be without them. Seriously folks, if you have never used them, they are a godsend!

  2. 2
    Danielle says:

    When I was in the hospital after having Annalise, a nurse gave me the whole canister of them and said, "Wherever it hurts- stick it there." I still laugh to this day at just the way she said it.

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