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This afternoon, UPS brought a package from Swaddle Designs. I was surprised because the box was pretty big, and I was only supposed to get a blanket, lovie, and burp cloth set. When I opened the box, there were a bunch of items in there, along with a card.

I read the card, and tears started streaming down my cheeks. Lynette had read our story and decided that we needed more blankets, burp cloths, and that each of the other kids needed a lovie. Here’s what she sent: (minus Zander’s lovie. He was snuggling his so tight, I couldn’t get it away from him while he was sleeping!) Oh, and I’m not sure why the picture turned out blue. I used my cheap digital camera and it came out all funky. The stuff is gorgeous in person!

The kids all adore their lovies. Lucy held on to hers all evening and is snuggling with it in her crib now. Ashley loved how soft it was and immediate laid it on her pillow, all nice and neat, so that she could snuggle with it. The boys had a BLAST throwing them around the room, wrapping up Batman, Gi Joe, and anything else they could find, and seeing how many things they could cover up with them. They both went to bed with them and haven’t let go. (Except for Jace – just long enough for me to take a photo!)

Lynette’s kind words and her amazing generosity are overwhelming. And her products are AMAZING! The blankets are so soft, and I love that they have the swaddle instructions sewn into them. How cool is that? Parker is a baby who HAS to be swaddled. If he’s not, he doesn’t sleep well, and he’s just miserable. The burp cloths are fabulous, and definitely something I’ll gladly show off. 🙂

Lynette, if you read this, I just want to thank you again. This means the world to me, and I just adore everything you sent… we all do! I hope that someday I can bless someone as much as you have blessed me.

Please take a moment to check out Swaddle Designs. You won’t be disappointed!

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    All these posts about your prizes are making me want another baby.

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