Changes Coming to Blessed Beyond Words

For the past several months, I have been feeling quite overwhelmed with keeping up with reviews, giveaways, and everything else on this blog. With the arrival of baby #7 just weeks away, I have been terrified that this will only get worse.

It wasn’t until this week at our church’s revival that it hit me: I am using my blog for all the wrong things.

So, I plan to make some big changes around here. There will not be as many product reviews and/or giveaways. I know, I know. This is going to kill my stats and social media ranking. That’s ok. There will still be some reviews and giveaways, but I will be much more selective about the products offered up to my readers. Why? Because I don’t want to share “fluff.” I want to share things that my readers genuinely need and want to hear about. I do have several commitments that I need to follow through with, so expect a few review posts in the immediate future, but they will slowly start to trickle off.

I will also be using my blog more to discuss topics I believe my readers want to hear about as well. You will see lots more posts on cloth diapering, parenting, relationships, faith, and (once the baby is born) weight loss. (Remember that 40 pounds I lost? Yeah, I found it. Now I have to lose it all over again!)

Also, if there are more topics you would like me to discuss, please don’t ever hesitate to use the contact form to let me know! (I’m also putting one in the sidebar for quick and easy access.)

I have a feeling that this will cause me to lose many subscribers and followers, but that is their loss… and then they will miss out on the giveaways I do host! I just really feel that I need to use my blog to help and encourage mothers out there… not bog the internet down with more useless mumbo jumbo that just takes up space.

2013 is going to be a great year, and I am genuinely excited about these changes. I hope that you will stick around and see what I have up my sleeve. Heaven knows I’ve got lots to talk about. 🙂

Thank you to my faithful readers and friends in 2012. I’m looking forward to spending 2013 with you as well!

My Word for 2013: PURGE

2013: PURGE

For the past month or so, I have prayed about the word God would have me to keep in mind throughout 2013.

I’ve finally found it!

My word for 2013 is PURGE.

Here are 13 ways I plan to PURGE my life this year:

  • I will PURGE the things in my life that hinder my relationship with Christ.
  • I will PURGE any thoughts or reactions that might harm my relationship with my husband.
  • I will PURGE the things in my life that keep me from spending time with my children.
  • I will PURGE from my home the clutter and things I no longer need and either donate them or throw them away.
  • I will PURGE from my life relationships that do not foster my relationship with Christ.
  • I will PURGE from my heart any bitterness or unforgiveness that may be hanging around.
  • I will PURGE from my eyes anything that does not need to be set before them. (TV shows, movies, etc.)
  • I will PURGE from my Bible verses that I can memorize and apply to my life.
  • I will PURGE from my diet foods that do not help me meet healthy living goals I have set for myself.
  • I will PURGE from my mouth any desire to gossip or say things that could harm another person.
  • I will PURGE from my mouth any desire to “snap back” or get angry.
  • I will PURGE my desires to nag my husband or children and instead use words to encourage and uplift them.
  • I will PURGE through last year’s Prayer Journal, rejoice in the blessings God has given us, and start a new journal for this year.

Those are my goals for 2013. While they will not be easy, I rejoice in the fact that “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Phil. 4:13)

What’s your word for 2013?