Gage at 8 Months: So Much Fun!

gage 8 months

I cannot believe that Gage is 8 months old. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Gage is definitely my laziest child. I suppose that’s bound to happen when you have 5 older siblings at your every beck and call.

He refuses to sit up by himself. He will not crawl – or even attempt to crawl – and is content to roll wherever he wants to go. He has no desire to pull up, stand up, or anything. It’s crazy!

He does hold his own bottle, {none of my other kids ever did!}, he can stack blocks, loves to play with toys, and loves music. He sleeps all night in his crib. {Something I haven’t experienced since before Lucy was born.}

Gage now weighs in at over 20 pounds and is in 12 – 18 month clothes. {Just to compare, Parker is 27 pounds and wears a 3T, just for the length. I have to pin the sides of his pants to keep them up. I have a feeling they’ll be in the same size clothes very, very soon.} He has two bottom teeth, and his top left tooth came through. The top right is really, really close, and I’m guessing it will be in before the end of next week.

He is definitely the baby of the family. The doctor doesn’t seem concerned about his laziness because he is the youngest of six, but as a mom, I can’t help but worry. If he would just sit up by himself, I’d feel so much better.

Do you have an 8 month old baby? What milestones has your baby reached?