The Infantino Test & Tell Mom Program

I ran across this article yesterday, and I immediately thought about my blog readers!

Some of you are mom bloggers with new babies. If you fit in that category, you need to check out the Infantino Test & Tell Mom Program.

Here’s what they say:

We make all of our products with moms in mind, so it only makes sense that we get their feedback, insights and ideas. One way we do this is our Test & Tell Mom program, where we provide new moms with free, newly launched products to test out and ask them to share their opinion on their blog, Facebook or other social media outlets. We’ve found it’s a great opportunity for honest feedback and conversations with our moms.

If you’d like to join Test & Tell, here are some details:

What We Look For
We look for moms that have little ones ranging from newborn up to 18 months.

It is very important to us that our Test & Tell Moms really use the products and give their first-hand accounts and photos, so readers can get true mom-to-mom opinions with insights that go beyond the product description.

We also ask our moms to post a clear declaimer that states we’ve given them the product free of charge to test out and that the review they give is 100% their own.

Click here to read more about the program and apply: Infantino Test & Tell Mom Program


Since I already have a unique opportunity with Mom Central and Infantino, I’m not applying to the program, but I hope you will!

Infantino’s Comforting Play Collection {Review}

I love Infantino baby products, and their Comforting Play Collection doesn’t disappoint.

Gage is finally at the stage where toys are exciting to him. And while I want to encourage him to grab and play and learn, I don’t want to overstimulate him. That’s why I love the Comforting Play Collection so much.

We received the following items for this review:

  • All Around 1-2-3 Teether – Grow with me teether set soothes different areas of baby’s mouth.
  • Foot Rattles – Fun footsy friends encourage baby to shake, reach, and grab. Perfect for developing hand-eye coordination.
  • Ouchie Pal – Say goodbye to ouchies with this chill and soothe buckwheat buddy.
  • Hug & Tug Wooly Pal – Huggable Snuggly Buddy with all natural wool filling. Easy to grasp soft knots are perfect for little hands to grasp.
  • Soothing Hand Squeezies – Uniquely designed to simulate mom’s finger and calm baby with a squeeze. Happy rattles leave little fingers free for sucking and exploration.
  • Sweet Bee Scented Pal – Soothe your busy little bee with this lavender scented companion.
  • Sweet Serenade Crib Toy – Serenade your little sweetheart with calming music and gentle motion. Six adorable crib companions take baby on a soothing journey through sunny days and starry nights.
  • Soothing Snuggle Pup – Baby will fall in “puppy love” with this on-the-go soothing companion. Soft and snuggly with 3 calming sound options.
  • Binky Buddy – Keep baby’s favorite pacifier at their itty-bitty fingertips. This sweet plush pal is easy to grasp and fun to snuggle.
  • Wrist Rattles – Keep baby’s favorite friends close at hand. Soft and soothing play pals are comfy to wear and fun to shake.

comforting play collection from infantino

When we opened the box, I couldn’t believe how much fun stuff was packed inside! Everything is absolutely adorable. I love the soft, comforting pastel colors. And each item is so unique and different from other baby toys I’ve found anywhere.

If I had to pick a favorite toy in this collection, it would have to be the Sweet Bee Scented Pal. I absolutely love the way it smells. And so does Gage! It’s so funny to watch him grab the bee with both hands, crinkle the wings, and pull it to his face. I’m pretty sure he loves it almost as much as I do!

I also really like the Soothing Hand Squeezies. Although, the first time I put them on him and took him out in public, everyone kept asking me how my baby broke his hands. They were all certain that he was wearing two little casts. Personally, I think they look more like “fighting gloves” – and since Gage still rarely unclenches his fists, he looks like a little fighter. I find them absolutely adorable, and Gage loves hearing them rattle.

The Foot Rattles are also lots of fun for Gage right now. He’s all about his toes, and he’s constantly reaching for them. When I put the foot rattles on, his feet go a hundred miles an hour and he’s always grabbing at them. It’s a hoot to watch!

We’ve put every single piece of this collection to good use except for the Binky Buddy. Gage uses Mam Pacifiers, and I haven’t been able to attach it to the buddy. It’s a bummer, too, because I think the Binky Buddy would be a great way to keep track of his pacifier instead of hunting all over the place for it. Every other item is being put to the test every day. The Sweet Serenade Crib Toy is attached to his cradle, and he loves snuggling with his Soothing Snuggle Pup. The kids love putting the Wrist Rattles on Gage and shaking them. I’m not sure who laughs more – the baby or the older kids!

gage & his snuggle puppy
I am super impressed with the Comforting Play Collection by Infantino, and will definitely be keeping them in mind the next time I need a baby gift. I’m thinking it would be great to make a big gift basket full of these products. I know! I could totally do a diaper cake and decorate it with these toys. That would be adorable! The gift-giving possibilities are endless with this collection. You could give the entire collection or just add one or two of the little ones as decorations on any of the packages you give at a baby shower.

To learn more about Infantino and the Comforting Play Collection, check out the following:

I’m certain you’ll love the Infantino Comforting Play Collection as much as I do!

 Disclaimer: I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.