Baby’s First Birthday

Gage turned 1 on Sunday. I can hardly believe an entire year has passed. I know every mom says that it “feels like yesterday”… but it really, really does.

My plan was to have a low-key party for him. Mostly family and really no big deal. 2 weeks before the party, that all changed. I ended up with almost 40 people in my house for his party.

It was SUCH a great day. Gage wasn’t so thrilled about having 40 people watching him blow out his candles, and he absolutely refused to touch his cake, but he loved opening presents and being passed from person to person.

I was thrilled with how everything turned out. The decorations were my favorite part:

And look how sweet his cake was:

Too bad THIS is what ended up happening when we tried to feed him the cake:

But, that’s ok. It meant *I* got some of his cake. 🙂

If you want to see all the pictures I took at the party, you can see them here: Gage’s 1st Birthday

To close out the post, I’ll share my handsome 1 year old boy with you all: