How To Make Your Next Children’s Birthday Party Memorable

Kids birthday parties are one of the joys of having kids. Getting to be there with them on their birthday as they enjoy themselves with their friends is priceless! You want your child to remember their childhood birthday parties forever. Here is how you can make your next children’s birthday party a memorable one, for your child and all those invited!

Pick A Theme
Choosing a theme is a great way to make a kids party memorable! Pirates is a great theme idea, as both boys and girls will enjoy it. As well as having them dress up as little pirates, you can incorporate the theme into your party games. Finding the buried treasure is guaranteed to be exciting! A theme makes a party more personal to your child, as they can involve something that they enjoy. If you are stuck for ideas, there are plenty on the internet!



Take Photos
The easiest way to make it memorable is to make sure to take lots of photos. Ask your guests moms and dads to take photos as well as you, or hand out some disposable cameras so you definitely get to see them. Alternatively you might want to hire a photographer if you think you’re going to be too busy helping to entertain kids to take photos. The Las Vegas Photographers site tells you how to pick the right one.

Go Big On Food
Make sure you have a wide range of food on offer, as you don’t want your children’s party to be memorable for the wrong reason. Kids can be fussy, and you don’t want them going hungry if they don’t like what you’ve gone on offer. Food can also make the party memorable for a good reason! Consider getting a really memorable cake, perhaps one that is shaped like their favorite cartoon character.

Little Touches
Little touches make a big difference! Make sure to decorate with plenty of banners and balloons to make your child feel important on their special day. A great decoration is a big birthday balloon with their age on it. You could also buy some party poppers, just make sure the kids are supervised with them! Then how about putting photos of them when they were even younger around the house. Older visitors to the party such as family members will appreciate these.



Choose The Location Wisely
The location is what the kids at the party will remember the most. So choose wisely! There are plenty of options available to you. If you’d rather not have to do the work yourself and run around after kids, you could hire somewhere like a leisure center or a swimming pool. This would also be a great option for kids who like being sporty or active. If you’d rather have something a bit closer to home, why not choose a garden party? You could hire a bouncy castle and arrange party games such as pass the parcel. This is a great option for younger kids, so you are able to keep an eye on them.

Making your child’s next birthday party as memorable as possible is easier than you might think. Try out these tips and see!

Birthday Party Ideas: Pinterest Style

Since Gage’s first birthday is coming up next month, I’ve been using every spare moment to scour Pinterest for some birthday party ideas.

I’m not going over the top. I never have with any of the kids on their first birthday.

jungle cakeWhy?

Because they’re just not that into it. They couldn’t care less about the presents, the decorations, or any of the hoo-ha. {Is that a word?} BUT, next year, when Gage turns 2, I’ll be singing a different song. I always tend to go a little overboard for the second birthday. Not sure why, but 2 has been my favorite birthday for each of my kids.

Anyway, I’m having a small party at my house on Gage’s birthday. Only family and our closest friends will be invited. I worked out the menu this week with hubby, and I’m talking with my dear friend Melissa of Melissa’s Custom Cakes & Goodies about the cake. All I’m going to say is that it’s going to be adorable. And definitely not over the top.

I’m doing a Monkey theme for his party. {Of course! Would anyone expect anything else?} And the colors will be Navy Blue and browns. It’s going to be awesome.

As I was scouring Pinterest, though, I came across some of the coolest cakes. Each of the kids {aside from Gage} have picked out their birthday cakes for this year. {So, get your ovens ready, Melissa. Come July, I’ll have 1 – 2 cake orders per month for you until October.} 🙂

I started a new board on Pinterest called “Birthday Party Ideas for the Kids.” You can follow it if you’re looking for ideas. I’m certain I’ll be pinning a million more things to it over the next few weeks.

I also wanted to share some of my favorite pins from that board:

Got any more monkey-themed party ideas for me? Whether you’ve pinned them, posted them on your blog, or just happened across them on the world wide web, I’d love it if you’d share them with me!