Allow Me to Eat My Words…

Just recently I posted that I would be taking a break from blog designs.

Allow me to eat those words and retract my statement. Circumstances have drastically changed, and I am officially back to designing blogs and websites.

I am “not allowed” to discuss what happened, so please do not ask.  Believe me, if I could talk about it, I would. I need all the support I can get right now. But, I can’t. I must respect the wishes of the ones who asked me to stay quiet.

That being said, if you – or anyone you know – needs blog design work or any kind of website work done, please keep me in mind. I would really appreciate it.

I am looking forward to working with so many of you again. While I was looking forward to the break, I have met and made some amazing friends through my blog design business, and that’s always been one of my favorite perks of the job.

Thanks for putting up with me, and thanks for your continued support.


Taking a Break from Blog Design

Prior to Gage’s birth, I wasn’t certain if I was going to continue in my Blog Design business. I put my decision on hold, and continued to help clients as needed. I ended up taking on lots of new clients, helping former clients out, and I’ve started letting it consume me again.

My family comes first. Always. But, lately, I have been letting the pressure of completing blog designs, blog transfers, and other work get in the way of my family, and I cannot allow that to happen.

So, it’s time for me to put the blog design work on the back burner for now and focus on my kids. They are growing up way too fast, and I feel like I’m missing out on it by spending any “free” time I have sitting at the computer doing things for everyone else.

I want my kids to remember me as the mom that got on the floor and played with them, not the mom who was on the computer too much.

I hope you understand. And, who knows – maybe I’ll revisit my decision in the future and go back to designing. But, I’ll cross that bridge when the time is right.

taking a break
And don’t worry – the blog isn’t going anywhere. By not doing so much design work, I’ll be able to devote *better* time to posting here.

Introducing Facebook Welcome Pages!

If you’re a regular around here, you know that I love to create custom blog designs for mom bloggers. I do it all – from blog design, logo design, website design, button and banner creation, twitter backgrounds, and so the list goes on.

One thing I had always wanted to try, but never really took the opportunity to learn, was how to create a custom Welcome Page for a Facebook Fan Page.

My friend Shana, the sweetest, most amazing crochet artist I know, contacted me and asked if I could create an etsy banner and a Facebook welcome page for her business. Not being one to turn down the opportunity to create something for a fellow mom, I told her I would love to! But, I warned her, I had never done a Facebook welcome page, and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Being the sweet soul that she is, she said she’d love to be my guinea pig and agreed to let me try it out.

Here’s her facebook welcome page: Blaze ‘n’ Crochet.

I am thrilled with the way it turned out – and so is she!

After that, I decided it was time to make one for my blog. So, here it is, the new welcome page for Blessed Beyond Words.

I also got to make one for another dear friend, Heather of A Coupon Chick. You can see her welcome page here: A Coupon Chick.

These are my new favorite thing to make. And, they are a fantastic resource to have for your blog or business! What better way to encourage new readers to subscribe or check out some of your favorite posts.

Custom Facebook Fan Pages are $20, and that includes anything you want – even a separate welcome page for fans/non fans. (That way you can encourage non fans to “like” you!) You can add in your email subscription options, links to other social networks – pretty much anything you want, you can get.

If you’d like to step your blog up a notch, I’d love to make a custom Facebook Welcome Page for you! Contact me today and let’s get started!

Winners Announced

I am so far behind. Between the snow storms, the kids being off of school for 4 weeks now, and everything else, I’m totally behind on everything! I’ve finally sent the kids back to school today, and I can finally catch up on everything. I’ve got a bunch of design orders to take care of, and one of my very top priorities was finally drawing winners for all the giveaways that have ended.

Good news! I’ve selected the winners, contacted each of them by email, and updated the winners page. You can check that page to see if you’re a winner. If you are, and you don’t see an email from me, send your info to angie {at} and I’ll make sure you get your prize!

Thanks for your patience through all of this! And if you want to see my latest Blogger to WordPress transfer that I’ve completed, head on over to and let her know what you think!