Results of the @MaxClarity Challenge

Last month, I posted that my daughter Ashley would be taking the MaxClarity Challenge and seeing if it made a difference in her acne. For almost a month now, Ashley has faithfully used the MaxClarity system as part of her morning and evening routine.

I am pleased to report that she is thrilled with the results…. and so am I.

I’m going to post her before and after pictures – but I’m going to post the after picture first. {That way, when this post shows up in the featured box at the top of the blog, my daughter won’t refuse to speak to me for a week again. ūüėČ }

As you can see, there’s hardly a zit anywhere to be found. She loves how well the MaxClarity program has worked for her. She feels more confident, and she loves the fact that she doesn’t have to worry about wearing a ton of makeup to feel better about herself.

We do have a few thoughts about the system that we wanted to share with you:

  • I tried using the MaxClarity products myself, but I had to stop after just a few days. I have SUPER sensitive skin, and my face broke out, peeled, and burned like it was on fire. Obviously, there’s something in there that just doesn’t work for me. And that’s ok. It worked really well on my daughter, and she absolutely loves her results. That makes me happy enough. ūüôā I’ll just continue to use makeup to cover up my blemishes and hope that someone out there will come up with a product for super-sensitive folks like me.
  • The bottle colors totally confused my daughter. Ashley is a blonde – all the way to her roots – and things need to be simple in order for her to “get” it. With the MaxClarity system, you use the light blue topped bottle {Deep Cleanser} morning and night. Simple. BUT, then you use the dark blue topped bottle {Advanced Acne Treatment} in the morning and the yellow topped bottle {Rejuvenating¬†toner} at night. Most people associate yellow with the sun, and dark with the night, so there were more than a few times that Ashley used the system backwards. {Even though I posted the chart on the mirror in her bathroom. Sigh.} But, really – I wish MaxClarity would consider changing the colors to coordinate with day and night. Might help these teenagers out.
  • I should have contacted¬†¬†the¬†MaxClarity Difference Team¬†about the¬†MaxClarity Difference Promise¬†as soon as I started having problems with the system. After all, that’s what they’re there for. I will probably still contact them after this post to see if they can figure out why it would have such an adverse affect on my skin.
  • I love that the system uses foam, and that such a little bit goes such a long way. Ash is about halfway through each bottle, which is great, since each one is supposed to last 2 months.
  • It started working right away on Ashley. It wasn’t 2 days before we noticed a BIG change. The acne she had was disappearing, and there were no new pimples forming. I couldn’t believe how quickly it did that for her.

Ashley will definitely continue to use the MaxClarity system. She’s already asked me if we can order more to have it on hand so she doesn’t run out. She loves the way her skin looks and feels, and I love how much it has boosted her confidence. She tells me all the time how much she loves MaxClarity and how everyone has noticed how much it’s helped her acne.

If you have a teenager, I would highly encourage you to have your teen take the MaxClarity Challenge and see how it works for them. It may be just the product they need to get rid of their acne problem and start feeling better about themselves.

Also, be sure to connect with MaxClarity by visiting their website, following them on twitter, and becoming a fan on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of MaxClarity and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Up For the MaxClarity Challenge

As the mom of a teenage girl, I know firsthand that acne can quickly send her self esteem out the window. What we see as just a little pimple can feel like the end of the world to a teenager. I was the same way when I was a teen, and my parents tried everything they could find to help eliminate my acne problems. I started wearing makeup at 13 just to cover up my problem areas. My daughter is 14, and she has no desire to wear makeup yet. {Her morning routine is already 2 hours long. Could you imagine what it will be if she starts applying makeup every day?}

That being said, though, there are many times when she’ll wish that she wore makeup, just to hide the acne. Certain days are worse than others, and when she gets a major breakout, she wants to hide in her room until it passes.

We are both so excited about taking the MaxClarity Challenge. I may be 30-something, but it seems my acne has only gotten worse as time has gone on. There are days when I look more like a pimply-faced teenager than I do a mom of 6. I hate it.

I’ve been checking out the MaxClarity website quite a bit lately, and I have to say that I am really impressed with the system – and with the results others have had. And I love that there are only 2 simple steps, twice a day. Even a teenager can handle that! {Even MY teenager can handle that, and it won’t add a whole lot of time into her already hectic morning routine.} No getting up extra early just to be able to follow through with the MaxClarity program.

I was also impressed by the MaxClarity Difference Team and the MaxClarity Difference Promise. MaxClarity offers an entire Customer Service Team¬† that will have your back. With 60 members, there is always someone available to answer your questions and discuss any concerns you have. In addition to their excellent customer service, they also have a research team dedicated to bring us new acne innovations and the best in skin care science. It’s nice to know the company truly stands behind their product and wants to offer their consumers a product that works well – and a product that works quickly. MaxClarity is a foam-based acne medicine. It’s the first and only non-prescription acne-fighting foam system. The foam goes deep below the skin, allowing it to work for all skin types, as well as for people of all ages. {That’s what excited me the most!}

Participating in this Challenge is only going to do good things for my daughter’s confidence. If we can get rid of those trouble spots, she’ll feel better about herself, and she won’t feel the desire to hide in her room for days on end. Ashley is a very responsible girl, and I’m certain that adding the MaxClarity program to her morning and night time routine is only going to make her feel more responsible. And if she sees results quickly, it will encourage her even more to stick with the program.

I know my daughter is going to strangle me when she discovers that I put up this picture, but I wanted to give you a before shot of her problem areas:

As you can see, her forehead, cheeks, and chin are where she has the most trouble. I can’t wait to see what the MaxClarity Challenge does for her skin – and her confidence.

In the coming weeks, I’ll post an update about how the MaxClarity Challenge has worked for Ashley, and I promise to include pictures of the results.

While you wait for that, I hope you’ll take some time to get to know more about MaxClarity and all they offer. You can learn more by visiting their website, following them on twitter, and becoming a fan on Facebook.


Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of MaxClarity and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

The Brother P-Touch Challenge – My Final Thoughts

In August, I first posted about the Brother P-Touch Challenge. I was sent a P-Touch labeling system, and was told to make over a room in my house. In October, I showed you the results of my Basement Makeover. I absolutely loved the basement’s new look, and it was SO nice to have a clearly labeled space to work in while the kids played down there.

At the end of January, my husband and I moved into a new home. This home has a much larger basement, and WAY more space for everyone to move around. We kept a living room/play area in the basement for the kids. This confines their mess to one area, and I don’t have to worry about toys all over the house. Plus, we have lots of room for lots of bins and boxes, each clearly labeled with the appropriate child’s name for their toys.

{I also want to interject: I LOVED having the P-Touch while packing for the move! I labeled every box, and I didn’t have to worry about any of the labels falling off any of the boxes during the move. Everything arrived safe and sound, and each box was put in the proper room.}

I am super impressed with how these labels have held up since I did the original Basement Makeover last fall. I’ve not had a single label fall off, and if you look closely at the labels, they still look as good as they did the day I put them on. Here, take a look for yourself:

See? It’s still perfect! I haven’t had a single problem with any of the labels.

Now I want to take a few minutes and show you my new basement and workspace:

My new workspace - everything is perfectly labeled, neat, and organized!

I love, love, love coming down here to work!

My "best" friend - and favorite labeler!

The kids still have a play area {with a few boxes of toys}. The rest of the tubs and boxes are in the storage area behind the tv. Keeps everything so organized!

Here's the storage area with lots more labeled tubs and boxes.

I will say it again and again: I LOVE my P-Touch label machine! I haven’t had a single problem with any of the labels, and my P-Touch labeler works as well as it did the first time I used it.

This is my new go-to gift for “the person who has everything.” If they don’t have a P-Touch labeler, they NEED to have one. I love mine, and I use it all the time – for anything and everything.

{Another side note: We added labels to the boys’ matching scooters they got for Christmas so they could tell them apart. Even with them constantly playing on them outside, the labels are still perfectly in tact and look fantastic.}

A HUGE thank you to Mom Central and Brother for allowing me the opportunity to participate in this campaign. I have really enjoyed it.

What do you think of my new workspace?

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product and gift card to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Mattel’s Power of Play Program

As a mom, it’s important to me that my kids get play time. And by that I mean get-up-get-out-and-get-moving play time. I want them off the couch, moving and staying active.

For that reason, I am super impressed with Mattel’s Power of Play Program. Mattel believes that through play, children can increase their imagination and just be happier.

Mattel has identified 4 barriers when it comes to play:

  • Lack of play time. Lives are over scheduled now, and it’s hard to find time to set aside and play.
  • Lack of play space. Even if it’s just a small corner of a room, make sure kids have somewhere they can play by themselves or with other children.
  • Lack of play tools. Kids need to have the proper toys and tools to play.
  • Lack of advocates for play.

Mattel has partnered with several different organizations, one of which is Playworks, to help eliminate the barriers inhibiting good play. Recently, several experts came together to conduct a live chat to discuss the importance of play. The chat was hosted by and moderated by Jess Weiner – an confidence expert and author, Michael Shore, PH. D – Mattel’s “Dr. of Play,” and Jill Vialet – Playworks CEO and Founder. These experts came together to discuss play tips for parents and kids to make playtime more effective and as “powerful” as can be.

You can watch the video here: Mattel & Playworks Live Chat

{I highly recommend you take the time to watch this video. It is about half an hour long, but the tips and advice shared in this video are worth every second.}

Also, on the Mattel website, you can find an awesome Play Tip Sheet. It’s a coloring sheet designed to help teach kids how to play together in a fun and positive way: By inviting everyone to play, sharing the rules of the game, picking teams by counting off, cheering for everyone, and using Rock-Paper-Scissors as a fair way to decide.

I am impressed with Mattel’s commitment to the Power of Play program and to keeping kids active. I hope you will take some time to read more about the Power of Play program and all the wonderful things Mattel and it’s partner companies are doing for play.

Disclaimer: I am participating in a blog tour on behalf of Mattel and MomSelect and will receive a $25 gift certificate for participating. Opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and have not been influenced by any compensation.

Make it Fresh with Febreze Set & Refresh {Review}

My downstairs bathroom is my least favorite room in the house. Ashley, Zander, Jace, Lucy, and Parker all share the bathroom, and no matter how much I scrub and clean, I cannot keep that little bathroom smelling clean and fresh for more than 10 seconds. I scrub that bathroom at least once a day, and it’s just not enough.

febreze set and refreshYou can only imagine how thrilled I was to be selected for the Febreze Set & Refresh / Mom Central Blog Tour. I would do anything to find some way to keep that bathroom smelling less like it’s used by 5 monkeys day in and day out and smelling more like it’s actually clean.

For the blog tour, I received the Linen & Sky cartridges for the Set & Fresh unit. I’ve got to say, it’s not my favorite scent, but it does smell clean – which is all that really matters to me. They do have several scents that I’m excited to try next including Hawaiian Aloha, Thai Dragon Fruit, Sweet Citrus & Zest, and the Advanced Odor Eliminator. {I’m definitely trying the Advanced Odor Eliminator next in their bathroom.}

As soon as I received the Set & Refresh unit, I opened up the package, popped the cartridge in the unit, and then pulled the unit open. Then, I just put the unit in the window sill of the bathroom. It was so easy to do. I love that there are no plugs, so it doesn’t take up the only outlet we have in the bathroom. There are also no batteries, so it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg to keep that bathroom smelling fresh. It’s a convenient little unit that doesn’t take up much space and fits in perfectly with any type of decor.

A few minutes after I had set the unit out, I walked into the kitchen, and couldn’t believe how clean the bathroom smelled. {Interjecting: Yes, our bathroom is right off the kitchen. So not cool when 5 kids use that bathroom.} I had just cleaned the bathroom not an hour or so before, but it actually smelled clean – still – and all of the kids had been home using the bathroom. I was seriously impressed. I didn’t think I’d ever find anything that work in that little bathroom. I’m so glad the Febreze Set & Refresh unit proved me wrong!

To learn more about the Febreze Set & Refresh unit, check out the Febreze website. There you’ll find lots of helpful information, scent options, and so much more.

Thank you, Mom Central and Febreze for introducing me to the Set & Refresh unit. I’m certain any future guests to my home will be thanking you too.

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Febreze and received a Set & Refresh unit plus refills to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.