Blast Off to Rocket Town! {Review}

Rocket TownParker is all about anything that has to do with transportation: cars, trucks, boats, planes, tractors, trains… it doesn’t matter what it is. If it goes, he’s in love.

So, when I was given the chance to review a new book by Bob Logan called “Rocket Town,” I jumped at the chance.

The book is amazing. It’s a short, easy to read board book. The illustrations, however, are absolutely incredible! The colors and the excitement on each page are captivating and just a whole lot of fun to look at. I glanced through it myself first, and then I read through it with Parker. We read it once, then again, then another time. Each time, he got more and more excited. His favorite part of the book is the countdown…. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1….. BLASTOFF! He’ll shout it just as loud as he can, every single time! (I’ve learned to hide the book during the baby’s nap time!)

The rockets in Rocket Town aren’t your normal, every day rockets. These rockets are fun and unique, each one special in it’s own way. My favorite is the ice cream truck rocket. Parker loves the school bus rocket and the yellow truck rocket. (The yellow truck rocket is the one that gets to blastoff!)

Parker just loves this book, and I love that he wants to sit and look at the pictures, or read the book with me. Books like Rocket Town are a great way to get young kids excited about reading and instill a love for reading in their little hearts and minds.

The author and illustrator, Bob Logan, has worked as a story artist on feature animations such as Madagascar and Open Season, as well as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. His illustrations don’t disappoint! You’ll want to get your hands on a copy of the book just because of the illustrations. And at just $7.99, it is definitely worth every penny!

You can purchase Rocket Town on for $7.99 and it’s eligible for free super saver shipping. You can also get to know the author/illustrator on his blog: BoB LOGan

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a representative of Sourcebooks on behalf of Rocket Town. I received a copy of the book to get my honest and thorough review. I was in no other way compensated for this post.