Women Driven to Success: You Can Have YOUR All #Book #Sponsored

Sponsored PostDisclaimer: This is a sponsored post for the book “Women Driven to Success: You Can Have YOUR All.”

Women Driven to Success: You Can Have YOUR ALLWhat does “having it all” really mean, and what does it take to get it all? Dr. Jane Goldner believes that success is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Throughout the book, Women Driven to Success: You Can Have YOUR All, Dr. Goldner shows readers that “it all” is different for every person, and each person must figure out what “her all” is. The book is based on her own life experiences as well as those of 14 other highly successful senior-level professional women. It provides examples of positive role modeals as well as a tool kit for women to define and live “their all.”

Topics covered in the book include:

  • The importance of defining your own CORE or “North Star.”
  • Why being “everything to everybody” is NOT the answer.
  • Learning the skills of negotiation and confrontation.
  • The difference between taking personal time to stay healthy and having to take time to be sick.
  • So Much More!

Dr. Goldner is a business consultant with nearly 30 years of experience. She has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies, the US Military, and hand in hand with some of the top executive leaders in the country. She is an professor at the Coles School of Business Kennesaw State University and also in the Leadership and Organization Development Master’s Degree Program at PCOM.

If you want to know how to find YOUR “all,” and get on the path to success, I encourage you to pick up your copy of Women Driven to Success: You Can Have YOUR All today. At just $9.99 for a Kindle copy, this is an excellent value, and one that shouldn’t be passed up!

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Parker’s Very Happy 4th Birthday – I See Me! Book Review

I have had the opportunity to work with I See Me! Books in the past when I reviewed Baby’s 1st Birthday – God Loves Me! for Gage’s first birthday.

I recently had the opportunity to review another birthday book by I See Me! Books – and this one is all about Parker.

Parker will turn 4 this year, and anyone that is a mom to an almost 4 year old knows that at this age, it is all about ME. (Him – not me.) Parker loves hearing his name, talking about his day, and pretending that he is the next great Super Hero. So, when I had the opportunity to personalize a book for one of the kids, I knew Parker would love it.

I actually haven’t shown the book to Parker yet. I want to keep it as a surprise for his birthday. But, since that isn’t until October, I didn’t want you to have to wait for my review.

So, I’ll give you MY thoughts on this book.

I absolutely love everything about this book. The colors are bright and vibrant, the text is super easy to read, and the illustrations are adorable. It reminds me of a really cute scrapbook with all the colors and textures used in it. The cover of the book is a very sturdy hard cover, and the pages are also thick and sturdy. This book could last through many, many readings, and it could be something Parker could treasure for years to come.

One thing that makes me sad, though, is that Parker’s birthday is wrong throughout the entire book. 🙁 I wish I could go back and see if it was my mistake or I See Me!’s mistake when I placed the order. His birthday is October 10th, but the book has it listed as October 1st. I know Parker won’t be able to tell (this year) when he gets the book, but once he starts reading, it will be hard for him not to notice. Again, I don’t know if it was my mistake or theirs, but it’s really a bummer of a mistake. Of course, after 6 kids, it very well could be just another case of mommy brain.

Overall, I am SUPER impressed with the book, and if the birthday had been right, this would have been a book I would treasure forever. I love the little details all through the book – from putting Parker’s name on the birthday cake to the fact that the animals in the book make the story all about Parker. It really is a sweet little book and I would highly recommend it to any parent of a child between the ages of 1 and 8. You can find the boy’s version here on the I See Me! website, and the girl’s version can be found here.

Yes, it is a $30 investment – but it’s worth it. The book is beautiful, well put together, and could be something that could easily become a treasure keepsake.

Visit the I See Me! website for lots of personalized book options for your little one.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book mentioned above from I See Me! Books in order to facilitate my review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. I have not been compensated for this post in any other way.