#CascadeComplete Gets Your Dishes Sparkling Clean in 2013!

Cascade Complete

In my house, we do a lot of dishes. I mean a lot. There are days when my dishwasher will run at least 3 times – once after each meal. Cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a family of 8, I need a dishwasher detergent that can handle lots of dishes and lots of mess.

That’s why I love Cascade so much. In fact, Cascade Complete tabs are the only dishwasher detergent I will use. I’ve tried switching to the cheaper stuff, but it only frustrates me. My dishes get cloudy, and I have to use 2 – 3 packs per load instead of one Cascade Complete pack. So, in the end, I’m really not saving any money because I would have to buy the “cheap stuff” so much more often.

For this review, Cascade and Social Moms sent me a 3 pack of Cascade Complete tabs to try out. I simply took those 3 tabs and added them to my much larger bag that I already had under my counter. 🙂 I know when I have found a product worth staying loyal to, and Cascade Complete tabs are such a product.

When I don’t use Cascade Complete dishwasher detergent, I find that I sometimes have to run the same load twice just to get it clean. Or my glassware comes out dingy and dull. And when it comes to baked on/stuck on food, I end up running a dish through the dishwasher, take it out, scrape off the baked on food, and then run it through the dishwasher again to make sure it’s really clean.

On the contrary, whenever I use Cascade Complete, my dishes are clean after the very first run through the dishwasher. My glassware comes out sparkling clean, and I actually want to drink from my glasses. Dishes are spot free, and baked on food? It’s no match for Cascade Complete! One run through the dishwasher, and those pots, pans, and casserole dishes come out looking like new.

It’s official in our house. We won’t be using anything but Cascade Complete in our dishwasher!

For more information on Cascade Complete, check out their website: www.cascadeclean.com

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Do your dishes have spots? Would you be willing to give Cascade Complete a try and “get sparkling clean in 2013?”


Disclaimer: This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Cascade blogging program, and I received free product from P&G for participating. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here.