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sampleDisclaimer: I received a samples of Current Catalog products in order to facilitate my review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way. Links in this post are affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Blessed Beyond Words.

current products

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’re already trying to figure out how to make everything perfect.

I’ve found something that can help! Current Catalog is a great way to get everything you need for the perfect holiday.

Let me share an example.

A friend asked me to make a “Santa Cam” ornament for her kids. She wanted something to hang in her tree to encourage her kids to make better choices this season, and maybe even go above and beyond.

santa cam

It turned out GREAT! But, in order to convince her kids that this really came from Santa, I had to wrap it to make everything look like it came straight from the North Pole. That’s where the Current Catalog came in. They sent me everything I needed to make this package perfect.


The Jumbo Roll of Kraft Paper was perfect for wrapping the box. The Red & White Jute Cord was just what I wanted to tie things all together and give it a little more of a professional touch. And the Candy Cane Curly Bows are the best topper I could have ever imagined. The Gift Tags added a special touch to personalize it all. And, the Plaid Tree Gift Top is a soft, fun way to add a little extra detail. Put it all together, and it really looks like Santa’s elves packaged it up and sent it from the North Pole. Each of these products and more can be found on the Current Catalog website.


Isn’t it perfect? I love absolutely everything about it. I did add one last tiny detail, though….


Because this isn’t really going through the mail, I still needed to make it look that way. One quick label printed off, and it’s ready for me to secretly hand deliver. 🙂 I asked my friend to record her kids’ reactions, and I just know they’re going to love this!

Thank you, Current Catalog for making this project amazing. I love the way it turned out, and I know it exceeded the expectations of my friend. I couldn’t have done it so beautifully without the products Current offers.

Right now, my readers can save BIG on the items in the Current Catalog. Check out these amazing deals:

Start shopping – and saving – now! You won’t believe all the different items you’ll find on the Current website. Be sure to share your creations with me. I’d love to see them!

Current Catalog Offer

3 Famous Christmas Light Displays to Inspire Holiday Cheer

Christmas is celebrated in many countries and under a variety of different names. In Scandinavian Norse mythology, a similar celebration referred to as “Yule” takes place around Christmas time. In the Netherlands, they celebrate St.Nicolas’ Day. Although many traditions are passed from culture to culture, such as a Santa-like figurehead delivering presents to children in countless countries, other traditions differ. In the United States, decorating the house in Christmas lights is one of the uniquely American traditions that sets our holiday apart from others. Just look around–there are fine examples of Christmas light displays everywhere.

Here Comes the Neighborhood
Photo by Alex Liivet via Flickr

New York City is known for being the epicenter of American culture. As one of the United State’s largest and most densely populated cities, it’s bound to be the home of some of the most passionate holiday fanatics. Enter Dyker Lights. For 11 months of the year this neighborhood in Brooklyn is called “Dyker Heights”, but come Christmas, the entire neighborhood is transformed into a majestic city of lights. Dyker Lights has become the prime destination of those looking to have their minds blown by ludicrous displays of light.

What keeps Dyker Lights relevant after 30 years is its citizens. The spirit of competition is thicker than the snow in December. What began as simple displays of light has evolved into full-blown interactive displays that include music, mechanics, and more. Many of the houses are designed by professionals, and as far as Christmas lights displays go, Dyker Lights is the pinnacle. Every single house and apartment is bursting with personality and design ideas perfect for transferring to one’s own home.

Stop the Show
Excessive doses of holiday cheer can never be a bad thing, unless you slow traffic to a halt by displaying one of the most impressive charitable light shows in the United States. The “Amazing Grace Christmas House” was located in Pleasant Grove, Utah before the producers were forced to shut down the show. The light display generated over $40,000 for the Utah Make-a-Wish Foundation using only an on-site collection box.

& the World Record Goes to…
Photo by Alex Liivet via Flickr

Although Christmas lights can be found virtually everywhere in the U.S. during the holidays, there are some rare exceptions that exist across the Pacific. The Richards family, who live in Canberra, Australia, have the distinct honor of being able to say without a doubt that they have the greatest residential Christmas light display in the world. In fact, their house was documented in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2013 for having the most Christmas lights on a single residential property. Guinness counted 502,165 lights; an astronomical number of bulbs that costs the family an additional $2,500 in electricity for the month of December alone. The family used nearly every type of light available on Christmas Lights Etc.! Tours of the residence raise money to support SIDS and Kids, a charity that works toward finding solutions to stillbirths and fatal sleeping accidents.

If you want to achieve decor divinity, the most important part of your strategy needs to be commitment. None of the preceding light displays would have been possible without an appreciative audience. Whether looking towards these examples for design inspiration or a lesson on giving, these light displays show that celebrating with lights is anything but tacky.

Top 5 Rules of Regifting {Infographic}

Some people are incapable of shopping at Christmas time. They hate the hustle and bustle of the shops and all the people rushing to get bargains; plus they have no imagination in what to get anyone. This is where regifiting may save their life – bit on exaggeration but role with it. See this infographic on how to get away with regifiting.

Top 5 rules of Regifting

Top 5 rules of Regifting is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

#Sponsored: It’s a #FebrezeHoliday at our House Thanks to @Febreze_Fresh and @SheSpeaksUp #Review

Sample Received

Disclaimer: This post is part of a blog blast through SheSpeaks on behalf of Febreze. I received a sample in order to facilitate my review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


I love the holidays. Family and friends dropping by, great big meals with tons of yummy food, and snuggling by the fire listening to Christmas music. This is my favorite time of year, and I wish it could be like this all year long.

Are there certain scents that take you back to your childhood? For me, the scent that always brings the memories flooding back is the smell of Apple Cider. It’s like I’m a little girl again, visiting the pumpkin farm with my family, eating handmade donuts and drinking hot apple cider fresh from the orchard. Life was so wonderful then, and I didn’t have a care in the world. Now, all these years later, just a whiff of apple cider takes me back to those wonderful days from times gone by.

For this review, Febreze and SheSpeaks sent me a Febreze NOTICEables warmer with two special edition NOTICEables scents: Apple Cider and Cranberry frost, as well as a Cranberry Cider Set & Refresh.

I put the Cranberry Cider Set & Refresh in the kitchen. In the kitchen is where you’ll find lots of different smells: scents from cooking, and scents from the stinky trash can. I set the Set & Refresh on the island, just above the trash can, and WOW! What a difference it has made! Now, you walk into the kitchen and it smells like the holidays… NOT like a stinky trash can. I love walking by and getting a sniff of the Cranberry Cider scent. It gets me all pumped up for the holidays and ready to bake something wonderful.

I plugged the Febreze NOTICEables warmer in the living room. Just moments after I plugged it in, all of the kids were asking me, “What smells so good?” It does smell amazing, and I love that it alternates between the two scents. And every time I smell the apple cider scent, I’m taken right back to my childhood like I mentioned above, and can’t help but think about my Daddy and all the memories we made.

I’m excited to have folks over this holiday season, just so they can experience my Febreze scents for themselves. I’m certain these wonderful smells will bring back memories for every one of my visitors. If not, maybe it will help them create some new memories. 🙂

This year, if you want to make your holidays a little sweeter, be sure to grab some Febreze products in their Special Edition Holiday Scents. Your house will smell amazing, and you’ll be the talk of the family this holiday season.

With scents like Cranberry Cider, Falling Leaves, Winter Frost, Apple & Spice, and Glistening Pine, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Head on over to the Febreze website and check out all their Holiday Collection today. Then, be sure to Follow Febreze on twitter, become a fan of Febreze on Facebook, and check out the Febreze YouTube Channel.

Keeping Christ in Christmas with Jingles the Elf

Back in 2009, I did a review for Jingles the Elf. Every year since then, we have continued the tradition of Jingles’ arrival on December 1st.

However, this year, I am determined to do things quite differently.

I don’t know how it is in your house, but in my house, my kids seem to have caught a case of the “Gimme’s”. (“Gimme this, gimme that.) With my husband’s job situation being what it is, there just won’t be an abundance of gifts this year. And, besides… that’s not what Christmas is all about.

So, this year, I’m doing something completely different. Yes, Jingles will still arrive, and yes, we will still have fun finding him around the house. However, this year, Jingles has a very important job to do. And, Santa has given each of my kids a job to do as well.

Dying to know more?

Well, Jingles will arrive in a box from the North Pole tomorrow night. Only this year, the box won’t be the typical Jingles keepsake box. Instead, inside the box, Jingles will be blanketed in “snow” from the North Pole, and he will have a letter from Santa.

Thanks to Pinterest, I came across this blog post by a fellow Christian mom. Her Santa Letter was fantastic… but it didn’t exactly fit my kids. So, I used many of her ideas, but I put them into my own words and added things that would pertain to my kids.

Here is what my Santa Letter says:

Dear Ashley, Zander, Jace, Lucy, Parker, and Gage,

I hope you are all having a great Christmas season, and that you are being good little boys and girls for your mom and dad. I heard that you have a new little sister on the way. I want you to make sure you are helping Mom and Dad get ready for the new baby to be born. There’s going to be lots you can do to help, and if you don’t know what they need, just ask them.

A few years ago, I sent Jingles your way to play hide and go seek. But this year, I have given him a very important job! He’s not just here to play games and have fun, but he’s here to keep a very close eye on each one of you.

Right now, we are in what people call the Christmas season. Things can really get kind of crazy. It seems like everywhere you go, you hear people that have a horrible case of the “gimme’s.” What’s a gimme? They say, “Gimme this. Gimme that. Gimme all those things!”  I’m sure you have been telling your Mom and Dad what you want for Christmas. And that’s ok. It’s ok to want a few things, but I see people – both grown ups and children – that get very selfish. They want so many things that they seem to forget the whole reason we celebrate Christmas.

Do you know why we celebrate Christmas?

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son…” That means that a very long time ago, God gave the very first Christmas present to the whole wide world: His Son. And Jesus was born so that He could die on the cross and we could live forever with them in Heaven. Pretty amazing gift, isn’t it?

As you are getting ready for Christmas, I don’t want you to forget about Jesus. Yes, I want you to have fun. I want you to drink lots of hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows!), sing Christmas songs, eat candy canes, and give and open presents. But what I don’t want is you to forget the most important present: God’s love for all of us and the gift of His Son, Jesus. It is so important that you show love to others. Be kind to other people. Help other people. (Yes, even your mom, dad, and siblings.) By doing this, you will show people how wonderful Jesus is.

So, Jingles is here to help you kids, and your mom and dad, remember the most important parts of Christmas. Jingles will hang out at your house, watching everything that happens, and making sure that each of you:

  • Show love to one another
  • Always speak kindly to each other
  • Help each other without complaining
  • Help your friends if they need it
  • Give things to people who do not have all the wonderful things you have. (Doesn’t have to be objects, you can give them love, friendship, and other things.)
  • Remember that God loves you all so very much.

And, I’m giving each of YOU a job to do too! Every night, when you sit down to pray together as a family, I want every person to write down one thing they did to show the love of Jesus that day. Mom or Dad can write the list, and Jingles will share it with me when he reports back that night. I want you to find one way every day to be kind or help someone out. That’s not too hard, is it?

Take good care of Jingles, and have lots of fun sharing the love of Jesus this Christmas. I know you are all good kids, and I can’t wait to hear a good report from Jingles every night.

With much love,

This was printed out on fancy Christmas paper and will be tucked into the box with Jingles.

It is so important to me that my kids remember the true meaning of Christmas this year… and every year. I want them to show the love of Jesus whether they are at home or away, and I’m really hoping this helps make a difference.

I will keep you posted either here on the blog or through our Facebook page and let you know how it goes over with the kids. I’m also going to try (try!!) to post daily pictures of where the kids find Jingles. I hope you’ll stay tuned!

How do you keep Christ in Christmas?

Merry Christmas to my Wonderful Readers!

merry christmas

our christmas card

May this be your best Christmas yet!

Thank you for being a faithful follower here on Blessed Beyond Words. I appreciate you so much!

Macy’s Believe 2011: Collecting a Million Reasons to Believe {Ends 12/25}

For the past 4 years, I have been honored to be a part of the Macy’s Believe campaign. It’s a project near and dear to my heart because the money goes to the Make A Wish Foundation. I macy's believehave several family members and loved ones that have seen their own dreams come true because of Make a Wish.

The task is simple: Write a letter to Santa and drop it in a mailbox at your local Macy’s store. For every letter sent to Santa, Macy’s will donate $1 to The Make-A-Wish-Foundation – up to 1 million dollars. Over the past 3 years, Macy’s has collected over 4 million letters. {You guys ROCK!}

There are a few special perks available this year as part of the Believe campaign:

  • Macy’s Believe-o-Magic App – For the first time ever, shoppers that mail their letters through the Believe Stations in Macy’s stores will be able to take a photo with the animated stars from the animated holiday special “Yes, Virginia.” Through today’s technology, customers with IOS and select Android smartphones can download the “Macy’s Believe-o-Magic” application which will allow them to unlock the magic to see and interact with Virginia, Ollie, and all their friends. Customers can stop in the frame and take a picture, and that photo can be uploaded into a holiday card template to share by email or Facebook if desired. Customers can also preview the magic at home by downloading the application and printing out the marker. When you point the “Macy’s Believe-o-Magic” camera at the marker, you’ll be able to see an animated Virginia ice skating!
  • National Believe Day – Today, December 9th, Macy’s is celebrating National Believe Day to honor the spirit of the season and inspire kindness and generosity from coast-to-coast. The special day focuses on the season’s message of goodwill and charity toward others.
  • Believer of the Week – Enthusiastic Believe fans will have the chance to be featured in Macy’s Facebook profile photo as the “Believer of the Week.” Just share your photos of your visit to Macy’s Believe center with their Facebook community and help spread the Believe Magic around. The photo that receives the most “likes” will be featured as the Macy’s profile picture for a week.
  • Create Your Letter to Santa Online – You can find a super simple tool to use at macys.com/believe. After creating your letter, you can decorate it with fun icons. Then, just print out your letter and bring it to any Santa Mailbox at Macy’s Believe Stations. And don’t forget to stop by Santaland inside Macy’s to see the Big Man himself!

The Believe campaign runs now through Dec. 24.

To help encourage my readers to believe, Macy’s has asked me to share my favorite Santa memory.

A few years ago, we were having a really rough year. Jace was only a couple of months old, and we also had Ashley and Zander. We only had enough money to buy the kids their “special” ornament and maybe one other gift. We had decided there would be no “Santa” that year. We just couldn’t do it. Well, a group of very special ladies that I know got together and started sending us packages – all marked from “Santa” with “Do not open until Christmas” on them. I was truly blown away by their kindness and generosity. Then, on Christmas morning, we opened our front door to leave for our Christmas festivities and found garbage bags full of gifts for the kids: coats, mittens, hats, clothing… so many needs fulfilled. There was no name on the card just, “Sorry, Santa couldn’t fit all this down the chimney!” To this day, I have no idea who delivered those gifts to our home. But it is one Santa I will never forget. That Christmas, we barely had a dime to our name, but all of the kids – and my husband and I – were well taken care of. It was truly the best Christmas I have ever had.

Now I want to hear your favorite Santa memory, and so does Macy’s. I’ll give away a $20 Macy’s gift card to one lucky reader so you can do some after Christmas shopping and get something you really wanted. 😉 The giveaway will end at 12:01am on 12/25. To enter, use the Rafflecopter gadget below.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this post is from Macy’s. I am sponsoring the giveaway myself. The Santa story and any opinions expressed are 100% my own. I am not being compensated for this post in any way.


Holiday Guide: LaBarrie Littles Etsy Shop Review

laberrie littles etsy shop

Some of my absolute favorite reviews to do are Etsy shop reviews. Why? Because I love handmade items, and I love supporting moms in business.

Recently, Aisha from LaBarrie Littles contacted me and asked if she could send me a couple of shirts to review. Of course I said yes, and she quickly sent me two of the most adorable shirts I have ever seen.

Here – take a look at how adorable Lucy and  Parker look in their new shirts so you can see what I mean:

labarrie littles

Aren’t they absolutely adorable? The shirts, I mean.  Aisha did such a fantastic job on these personalized applique reindeer shirts. I can’t wait to show off these shirts at our church Christmas party and then again at all our Christmas Day festivities.

parkers reindeer shirtThe shirts are so beautifully made. Super high quality, and even after washing, the design is still perfectly in tact. I love the added touches she used as well with the bow on the antlers of the girl reindeer and the bow on the neck of the boy reindeer. So stinking cute.

I love personalized products – especially clothes – for my kids. It makes them feel special having something with their name on it, and since most of my kids have unique names, personalized products are the way to go.

Aisha lives here in the Atlanta area, so I not only get to support a mom in business, I also get to support a local business. Best of both worlds!

I’m all about good news, and Aisha at LaBarrie Littles has lots of good news for my readers:

  • She’s offering FREE shipping right now on lots of items in her shop.lucy's personlized shirt
  • She’s STILL taking Christmas orders!
    • Order by December 12th to avoid a rush fee.
    • December 13th – 16th add $5 per item
    • December 16th last day to order for Christmas Delivery.

After looking through her shop, her prices are so reasonable that even with the rush fee, you can still afford to stock up for all your holiday needs.

And don’t just think Christmas items from LaBerrie Littles… I’m thinking  New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter… the list goes on and on!

Check out this adorable shirt for Baby’s first New Year:

personalized new years shirt for baby

Wouldn’t that be adorable on Gage? She also has a shirt available that says “Happy New Year 2012.”

I would highly recommend LaBarrie Littles to anyone looking for high quality personalized products. She has a huge assortment of products available and she does excellent work – and quickly too!

Check out the LaBarrie Littles etsy shop today and have your kids be the best-dressed kids at your family gathering this Christmas. {And you’ll at least ensure that the grandparents will get YOUR kids names right this year. 😉 }

You can also find LaBarrie Littles on Facebook and follow LaBarrie Littles on twitter.

Disclaimer: I received the items mentioned above from LaBarrie Littles in order to facilitate my review. I was in no other way compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Black Friday at My House

Black Friday holds many traditions in my house – and not one of them includes shopping. In fact, I don’t remember ever shopping on Black Friday, even as a child.

Around here, Black Friday is Family Day. The Christmas tree and decorations go up. There’s cookie baking, eggnog drinking, and lots of singing along with the Christmas CDs.

Black Friday is my favorite day of the year. Not for the deals I can score in the stores, but for the memories I create with my children.

our christmas treeOur Christmas tree is so special to me. Yes, it’s a fake tree. And it’s pre-lit. I did the real tree thing a couple of years ago and learned several valuable lessons:

  • The Boy Scouts will screw you over. I paid for one tree, tagged it, and sent my husband after it in his truck. {I had no way to get it home and hubby wasn’t with me.} Someone switched the tag and gave my husband a Charlie Brown-looking  tree, complete with gaping holes.
  • Do not leave your real tree in the front yard while you wait for your husband to bring it in – especially if you have cats. We brought the tree in and the entire house smelled like cat pee. That tree went back outside and a new real tree was put in its place. At least the tree that smelled like cat pee wasn’t the pretty tree I had originally picked out.
  • Real trees shed, and it’s not good if you have little ones. I spent more hours pulling pine needles out of Parker’s hands, hair, and clothes than I ever care to again.
  • Stringing lights on a tree is a divorce-worthy activity. My husband and I almost never fight, but putting lights on the tree about did us in.
  • Cut trees cause you to throw your money away. At the end of the season – which for us was the day after Christmas that year – you toss the tree with the rest of the trash. Money down the drain if you ask me.

So, there will be no more real trees in the Vinez household. I’ll stick with the beautiful pre-lit tree we got from Hayneedle for as long as I can.

Anyway, back to my story… years ago, I had a very fancy tree: beautiful ornaments, lots of sparkles. It was the perfect grown-up girl’s tree.

Then, I started having kids. When Ashley was a baby, I started the tradition that I would buy her a “special” ornament every year. When she’s all grown up and moves out, she’ll have a box of ornaments to take with her and start her tree.

Through the years, hubby and I have continued the tradition with each of our kids. Only now, there are no fancy decorations left. The “special” ornaments make up the entire tree, and I just love it. The ribbons and bows are no longer purple and silver, and now we’ve switched to red and green. I even made a new bow to top the tree:

christmas bow tree topper
I just love everything about our Christmas tree.

For the first time in years, my husband was home to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Black Friday with us. It was awesome. Being in the grocery business – and at a store that’s open every day of the year except Christmas Day – it’s rare for him to get any time off. But, he was off by 11 on Thanksgiving morning and didn’t have to go back until Saturday morning. Made me that much more thankful that our Black Friday festivities included him again.

Because he was home, we got to do something else that we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time…..

{Get your mind out of the gutter!}

We took a family photo! On our mantle, we have a family photo. The last one taken of us. The youngest child in the photo is Lucy, and she was just barely over a year old. {And she had NO hair!} It’s needed updated for the longest time, but finding someone to snap the photo can prove quite difficult. But, we did it! And all thanks to my wonderful niece Samantha!

Here’s the picture that will now grace the top of our mantle:

our family picture

All in all, Black Friday was the perfect day around here.

Things will start to get a little more festive here on the blog, too. Be watching for a new design very soon. 🙂 {By the way – if you want a new Christmas design for your blog, I’d love to help you. Just contact me.}

How did you spend your Black Friday?

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, may you have a blessed day!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I count you as one of my many blessings!

One Proud Momma…

On Sunday night, our church had their Christmas program. My 4 oldest kids each had a part in the program. Ashley, Zander, Jace, and Lucy all had speaking parts, and Lucy sang a solo toward the end of the program. I was so proud of each of them. They all did such a great job! They spoke their lines perfectly, and Lucy almost came in on time. (Not bad for a 4 year old!)

If you’d like to see the entire program, I’ve uploaded it to facebook. You can find it here: Revival Baptist Christmas Program 2010 I’m not sure if you have to add me as a friend to view it or not. I’ve tried to set it up so you can just watch it. If you try to watch and can’t, let me know.

Since the full length video is almost 20 minutes long, I’ll just give you a little taste and let you enjoy Lucy singing her song:

Direct Link

Hope you enjoyed that! See why I’m so proud? Oh, and yes… that’s Jace in the background swinging his arms and playing with his crown. He couldn’t let Lucy have *all* the attention.

H&S Chocolates Shares The True Meaning of Christmas #Giveaway

This giveaway will end Friday, December 31st at 11:59pm EST.

It’s no secret that I love chocolate. And this year, H&S Candies wants to remind people of the true meaning of Christmas through their candies. This Christmas, you can spread joy by giving your loved ones chocolate with a real purpose. Each delicious candy comes wrapped with an inspirational message printed right on it. As an added bonus, H&S Chocolates donates a portion of sales to Samaritans Purse, a charity that provides spiritual and physical aid to victims of war, poverty, natural disaster, and disease.

I’ve had the opportunity to taste test their chocolate myself, and it is heavenly – really. Each piece was heart shaped and wrapped in a beautiful silver package. On the package was a printed Scripture, reminding us how much God loves us.

These candies would make the perfect gift for anyone on your list this year. The best part is, they’re available at your local Walmart. How many times do you plan to run there this week? Pick up a box and make someone’s day just a little brighter with a box of H&S Chocolates.

Want to try H&S Chocolates for Yourself?

H&S Chocolates has graciously offered up a box of their holiday chocolates to one of my readers.

To Enter

Mandatory: Leave a comment below and tell me what the True Meaning of Christmas means to you.
*Mandatory. If this is not done, you cannot win.

Want Extra Entries?

  • Blog About this Giveaway. Be sure to include a link to Blessed Beyond Words and the Heart & Soul Candies website.(5 extra entries)
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Disclaimer: I was contacted by a representative of Heart & Soul Candies. I was sent the necessary products to facilitate my honest and thorough review. Opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I have not been compensated in any other way for this post. Sponsor is fulfilling the winner’s prize as stated above.