@Sears and @SearsCares Made it Right!

On May 30th, I posted that my electric stovetop shattered and that I was hoping and praying it was covered under warranty. After a phone call assuring me it would be covered under warranty, a service tech came out to the house and informed me that it was not covered under warranty, and that it would cost nearly $400 to fix. {That’s $100 more than the money we paid out for the warranty.} To put it mildly, I was upset. So, I put up a post warning my readers to ALWAYS check their warranties before shelling money out for them. I tweeted and let Sears know how disappointed I was, and members of my tribes on Triberr started tweeting links to my post.

Within hours, I received a phone call from the Sears Executive Offices. Stephanie was amazing. She found out the entire story and informed me that they would exchange my cracked, unusable range for a brand new one. Since the model we had was discontinued or on backorder or something, they let my husband and I go online and find another model of equal value. We selected a Maytag convection over very similar to the Kenmore we originally purchased.

It took a few days, but I then received a phone call from our local Sears store letting me know that they would be delivering the new stove today – June 6th. I was a little skeptical, so I held my tongue and didn’t say anything. I wanted to be sure it was really going to happen.

Well, guess what?! It happened!!

Look at my brand new electric range:

Thank you, Sears for making this right. It has not gone unnoticed, and I will continue to be a loyal customer. I appreciate your willingness to fix this in such a professional way. I truly appreciate it.