Another Dead Celebrity. So What?

Several days have passed since we found out about the death of yet another celebrity. You all know who I’m talking about. Her name and face are plastered all over Facebook, twitter, newspapers, magazines, and tv stations. The “tragic” death of someone before their time.

It sickens me.

Who was she? She was a singer. Sure, she had a beautiful voice, but so do many other women I know. None of them have ever won a Grammy or set foot on a stage before millions of people. But every Sunday morning, they sing their heart out to the Lord. And it’s more beautiful than any celebrity I’ve ever heard.

She was not a role model for children by any stretch of the imagination. Become famous, get hooked on drugs, and spend your life in and out of rehab while the world watches your every move. I don’t know about you, but I want more for my children.

But her death seems to be all anyone can talk about.

I can’t help but think of people I know that have passed away recently… some far before their time.

Ms. Nancy was one of the sweetest women you could ever meet. Her pizza became an addiction. And you couldn’t walk into her restaurant without spending at least 20 minutes talking to her about the latest happenings. Then, Ms. Nancy got cancer. Her whole world changed – and so did the lives of each of her children. When she passed away, there was no televised funeral, no tweets sent out, no memorials plastered all over Facebook. But the world lost an amazing woman that day.

Ms. Jenny is another example. She had a heart of gold. We watched as cancer slowly ate away at her. Her concern was never for herself, but for those she would leave behind. She was a special woman, and she loved Jesus with all her heart.

Wayne was Ms. Jenny’s son. He was about my age. He had been confined to a wheelchair for years. After losing his mom, the grief was too much to bare, and it wasn’t long before he passed away as well. The two are reunited in heaven now, but there was certainly no media coverage when we lost either of them.

Ms. Liz got up one July morning, went into the bathroom, and collapsed. Moments later, she passed away in her husband’s arms. No explanation, no reason, nothing. Ms. Liz took care of so much at our church. The Christmas plays were always special because she made sure the focus of the Christmas play was on giving people the gospel. She was truly an inspiration, and someone I would want my children to look up to.

And what about the soldiers that die every day defending our country and our freedom? If it happened to be a local soldier, there may be a quick blurb in the newspaper, or a 2 minute segment on the evening news. There aren’t millions of tweets, Facebook status updates, or paparazzi surrounding the families of the fallen.

Wake up, America. With the loss of yet another celebrity, it screams volumes about where our priorities lie. Instead of focusing on those that are truly important – those in the Service, and those sold out for God, we focus on those that don’t really matter. We just want the juicy details: Did she die because of an overdose?

I will have no part in it. You will not see me post a status update anywhere saying that “I will always love you, Whitney.” What did she ever do for me? Not a darn thing. But, I will always love Ms. Nancy, Ms. Jenny, and Ms. Liz. They will forever hold a piece of my heart. They were women of God who put others first. They were gracious, loving, and kind. They were the kind of women that should be admired and put up on a pedestal – although not one of them would allow you to do so. They would rather God get the glory.

That’s the kind of person I want to be.