Parker’s Teeth: Before and After

I mentioned a few days ago that Parker, my 4 year old, would be having dental surgery this week. The surgery was on Thursday, and I am pleased to say that he did GREAT!

Parker doesn’t have any enamel on most of his teeth. So, even though we brush them twice a day and floss them, his little teeth have just been rotting away. It’s incredibly painful for him, as many of his nerves were exposed, so surgery was a must. (And for those that have asked, they aren’t certain yet if his adult teeth will be the same way yet or not.)

The bummer is that during surgery, they found more work that needed to be done. So, he will be going back on the 7th for a second surgery. But, they completely reworked his front 6 teeth, and he looks like a completely different kid!

Here, take a look:

parker teeth before

parker teeth after

And here’s the picture I shared on instagram right after his surgery:

Parker's smile before and after

The difference is uncanny, isn’t it? This will help him out so much. I can only imagine how much better it feels for him already!

He’s acted like a champ since he woke up from surgery. Never wanted any pain medicine, just kept telling me he was tough and didn’t need it. 🙂

I hate that he has to go through surgery again, but once we get all of his teeth fixed, I really think it’s going to help him so much.

Now, I’ve got Gage having his adenoids taken out and tubes put in next week, then Parker’s second surgery on January 7th… and then it’s going to be time for baby #7 to arrive! Things are about to get very, very crazy around here I think. 🙂