Diamond Candles – A Surprise Inside Every Candle {Ends 1/26}

I love surprises. Absolutely love them. Nothing makes me smile more than an unexpected surprise.

diamond candlesThat’s why I love Diamond Candles so much. Not only do these fabulous soy candles smell amazing, but each candle also contains a surprise!

Inside every Diamond Candle, there’s a ring! It might be worth $10, but it could be worth $100, $1,000, or even $5,000! Isn’t that awesome?!

I received a Gingerbread scented candle for my review.

I lit the candle, so anxious to find out what kind of ring was inside, and patiently waited.

It burned for a few hours the first day. The next day, I took the candle with me to our new house and lit it while Ashley and I painted. Even over the smell of the paint, there was a fresh gingerbread scent lingering in the air. I swear it smelled like someone was baking gingerbread cookies in the oven. Mmmmm.

ring from diamond candleAfter a few hours that second day, I checked again. Sure enough, there was the coveted little foil pouch. I was so excited! I extinguished the flame, grabbed a key, {the only thing I had on hand}, and pulled out the foil pouch. I quickly opened the package, and inside was a pretty little ring. Ashley immediately fell in love with it and decided it was her’s. I’m pretty sure it’s just a $10 ring, but it sure was fun waiting to see what surprise the candle held.

And I’m not done with the candle yet! There’s still lots more to burn, and I plan to use it until it’s gone. The candle smells so good, and I love how evenly and cleanly it burned.

I highly recommend Diamond Candles to any one who loves candles… or jewelry…. or both!

Want a chance to win a Diamond Candle of your own? Just use the Rafflecopter gadget below. We’re giving away THIRTY candles, so there are lots of chances for you to win!

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Disclaimer: I received a Diamond Candle in exchange for my review. I was in no other way compensated for this post. The giveaway is sponsored by Diamond Candles.