My Very Own Super Soaker

And, no. This post has nothing to do with squirt guns.

The issue is with my baby boy. There’s not a single diaper on the market that can contain his – well, you know – during the night. I’ve never seen a baby “go” so much during the night. Ever. And I have six kids.

I refuse to buy Huggies Diapers. They size their diapers so small that I have to buy size THREE diapers for my 5 month old. Parker can still wear a size 3 Pampers, and he’s almost 3! And don’t even get me started on those new slip-on diapers. You couldn’t pay me to try them. (Well, you could probably pay me to try them, but I’m pretty sure I’d still hate them as much as I think I would.)

Pampers are much better size-wise, but they still don’t hold everything that comes out over night. Even during the day, I’m changing him every hour or so. We’re going through way too many diapers, and it’s leaving me broke and frustrated.

For the past 3 nights, I have put him in a disposable diaper with an all-in-one cloth diaper over top. And for the past 3 nights, he has woken up at 3 am because he is completely soaked… just like every other night before.

It is beyond frustrating. I have a feeling that my next trip to Walmart will include a purchase of those plastic cover-up pants, because I simply don’t know what else to do!

I will say that this is the first time in a very long time that I’ve had a mostly formula fed baby. I get the fact that he’s taking in more, and will therefore put out more, but my child can’t be the only child on earth that will pee through anything.

Gage would sleep all night long if he didn’t wake up completely soaked through. I have got to get this issue nipped in the bud, and quickly – for all of our sanity!

Have you had a super soaker in your life? How did you handle it? Any tips you want to share?

gage 5 months