Can You Make Money with Your Blog?

I’ve been blogging since 2005. While I haven’t made enough money to allow my husband to quit his job, I do make enough to help supplement some kind of income.

I’m going share some of the legitimate ways I’ve found online to help you make money with your sign

  • Business to Blogger:  I love this site. They send paid blogging opps to your inbox each week, and you apply for them. I’ve been accepted into several programs and they have all be well-paying jobs. Don’t expect to get accepted into every opp, though, because you won’t be.
  • CleverGirls Network:  I’ve only worked with them once, but I was paid a good bit of money for just that one post. Totally worth it just to join.
  • Social Spark:  I still do quite a bit with them.  You earn points now for posts, and each post averages about 1,000 – 1,500 points. There’s a $2 fee if you cash out before you reach 5,000 points (which is only 4 – 5 posts).
  • Escalate Network:  This is an affiliate opportunity. Lots and lots of bloggers – big and small – use this, and you only have to earn $25 to cash out, which is totally easy to do.
  • QuestionMoms: Get paid to take surveys. Easy to join, surveys aren’t long and annoying. Adds up quick.
  • Crowdtap: You can earn money for yourself and give to charity at the same time. In less than 15 minutes, I had over 2,500 points. I’m still learning how it works, but it’s been fun so far.
  • Swagbucks: If you haven’t joined, what are you waiting for? You can earn gift cards to your favorite places quickly and easily. I can’t believe how fast points add up!
  • Sponsored Tweets: I love Sponsored Tweets. You can earn real money quick and easily just by using your twitter account. {Owned by the same people that own Social Spark.}
  • Google Affiliate Network: I really need to do more with them, because they have so many advertisers available. Adds up fast too!
  • Amazon Affiliate Program: Easy peasy. Talk about a product on your blog that’s available on amazon, and leave your amazon link to earn money.
  • ShopSquad: There are so many ways to earn money with ShopSquad, and it adds up fast. {Plus, you only have to get to $10 to cash out.} Just recommend products online, and when someone purchases that item, you get the commission.
  • ShadowShopper: You have to pay {$5} to upgrade to a Gold Membership to be able to apply for positions, but there are tons and tons of positions available. Even in my dinky little town, I get at least 3 opportunities sent my way every other day, and they’re all paid mystery shopper jobs.
  • Blogvertise: This was recommended by Melissa of A Mom from the Burbs. Here’s what she says: ” It’s FREE to sign up. I’ve made $10-$20 per post and have been paid via PayPal. They payout after 30days but assignments are kind of slow to come in. Since joining last year, I’ve made a total of $95.

The following are recommended by Meagan of Sunshine & Sippy Cups:

  • Mom Central{I cannot believe I forgot to share MomCentral with you all! Duh! I adore MomCentral. I work with them all the time, and that’s how I end up purchasing most of my kids birthday/Christmas gifts is from the gift cards I earn by working with Mom Central. If you haven’t joined yet, do it now! ~Angie}

Those are most of the legitimate ways I’ve found online to earn money. If you have another opportunity you’d like to share, let me know. I’ll gladly edit the post and include your affiliate link to the program. I will also include a link back to your blog if you give me another program to add to this list. Just use the contact form to email me directly.

I will continue to edit and update this post as more opportunities are made known to me.

Happy earning!

Disclaimer: Please note, some {though not all} of these links contain affiliate links. I {or someone else!} may earn a commission through those links. I appreciate your support!