ShopSquad – Need Advice? Give Advice!

ShopSquad recently contacted me and asked if I was interested in being an Advisor on their site. After all, I’ve got 6 kids, I talk about products on my blog, so why not share my love for certain items with the ShopSquad world and get paid to do it?

Wouldn’t you like to do that?

Well, you can!

Just join ShopSquad, and you can immediately start earning money by talking about the products you love. They also have a browser toolbar that you can install and you can actually make money while you surf the web and shop!

Maybe you’re in the market for a new product and want some opinions before you buy something? With ShopSquad, you can get free expert shopping advice whenever you need it.

What are you waiting for? Join ShopSquad now and start earning money by telling people all about the products you love!