My Electric Range Shattered! {Warning to Parents}

Yesterday, my husband had a day off. It was his first day off in weeks. We decided that we would leave the kids at home and spend some quality husband and wife time together. Originally our plan had been to see a movie, but as we were driving toward the theater, hubby decided that he didn’t want to see a movie. He wanted to go somewhere that we could actually talk and enjoy each other’s company. {I adore my hubby.}

As we were driving toward Brasstown Bald Mountain, I got a text message from my oldest daughter, Ashley. It said, “Can I call you?” Now, when Ashley sends me a text like that, I KNOW something is wrong. I immediately dialed her number.

When she answered the phone, she was crying hysterically. She was crying so hard, in fact, that I could barely understand her saying, “I’m so sorry” over and over.

Instantly, my mind went to the worst places it could go: Someone was hurt, someone was bleeding, Lucy had broken her arm again, the baby had fallen down the basement steps…. My mind was racing as I tried to calm her down and get her to tell me what was wrong.

Finally she said, “I broke your stove.”

My heart finally started beating again. It was just the stove. Thank God. A stove can be replaced… a child cannot. I think Ashley was so scared because this is a brand new oven. We just bought it in March, and she just knew I was going to be furious. I think it totally surprised her that I wasn’t upset. It’s under warranty, and it should be covered 100%.

She told me that she had pulled Lucy’s Hot Pocket out of the microwave, {which is directly above our stove}, and it was hotter than she expected. She dropped the plate, and the glass cooktop shattered.

I called my best friend, and she ran over to the house to make sure that all of the kids were fine and that all of the glass was cleaned up.

When Gene and I got home that afternoon, this is what we found:

I honestly had no idea that my stovetop could shatter like that. Tiny shards of glass were everywhere after this happened. And I couldn’t be upset with Ashley – after all, it very easily could have been me that dropped the plate and caused this to happen.

Parents, take warning. If your microwave is above your oven, and you have a glass stovetop, know that it really can shatter.

I’ve made the kitchen off limits from now on while hubby and I are gone. Well, the microwave and stove/oven are now off limits. If they need to eat lunch, it will be Peanut Butter & Jelly or something that doesn’t require cooking.

Sears is coming today to assess the damage. They refused to just order the part while I was on the phone with them. Their service technician has to see that it actually is damaged and unusable. She also informed me that I could be without a stove for a week. Looks like we’ll be grilling out for the next week or so.

I am just SO thankful that none of the kids were hurt by this. It’s still scary that it even happened in the first place though.

Have you ever seen an electric cooktop do this before?