Walmart Listens to Shoppers

Last night after church, I had to make a quick stop at Walmart and pick up a new fryer. (Right in the middle of frying up my famous fried chicken, my $100 fryer kicked the bucket!)

I quickly grabbed a new fryer and walked over to the grocery section to grab some canola oil. As I was walking through the store, I spotted this:

Did you see that? Walmart really listened!

Almost 2 years ago, I put up a post about our new local Walmart. Truth be told, I hated it, mostly because they took away the fabric and craft section. I am always making things, and I am always buying some kind of fabric or craft supply. And for the past 2 years, if I needed fabric or craft stuff, I had to drive 45 minutes to our not-so-local Walmart in North Carolina. It was such a pain, especially when they decided to close the mountain road for almost a year and send you on a 30 minute detour – for an already 45 minute trip! (Yes, I’m griping. That’s a long drive with 6 kids.)

So, last night, as Ashley and I were walking through Walmart, I let out a squeal when I saw this. One would expect that to embarrass my teenager, but she was every bit as excited as I was to see the fabric department coming. We oooohhhed and aaaahhhhed over the little bit of fabric they already had out, and made plans for several projects in the weeks to come.

Thank you, Walmart, for actually listening to your shoppers and bringing the fabric section back! I’ll probably be in the store daily now.

Now, if we could just get stores to listen to us about the length of girls’ shorts….