ICON Modus 1 Flashlight {Review}

I use a flashlight almost every day around here. It might be to find a lost toy under the couch, search through boxes that are still packed up in the basement, or to calm fears when the power goes out in a bad storm. Whatever the case, I need a strong, steady flashlight that is going to provide enough power and light to get the job done. But, I don’t want to have to lug around a humungous flashlight, either.

ICON Modus 1 FlashlightThat’s why I was so excited to learn about the ICON Modus 1 Flashlight. At just 4 inches long, this lightweight, super modern design puts that clunky old flashlight I had been using to shame.

The ICON Modus 1 provides two output levels, one is bright, the other is super bright. I’ve been using the “super bright” level for several weeks now, and it’s showing no sign of fading on me.

The polymer body is perfect for use in my house. I’m not sure if I or my kids are worse about dropping things, but we’ve probably dropped this flashlight a hundred times since we got it. Because it’s lightweight, it doesn’t hurt or scuff our wood floors, and because it’s durable, the flashlight doesn’t explode into a million pieces. Just pick it back up and go on with your business. It’s fantastic!

Because it’s so small, it fits anywhere: your purse, the diaper bag, or if you leave it on the counter, people will comment on how neat it looks. (It really does look cool!) I leave mine on the counter when I’m home, then drop it in the diaper bag whenever I leave the house. I’m terrible about leaving the porch light on when I leave, and it can get really dark here at night. It’s a long walk from our driveway to our front door, but the ICON Modus 1 lights our way quickly and completely.

It’s also easy on, easy off, and easy to change the level of light needed. Just a couple of clicks with your thumb, and you’ve got the exact amount of light needed to get the job done.

Want to guess how many batteries the ICON Modus 1 Flashlight uses? ONE AA alkaline battery. That’s it! And, the first battery is included in the package when you purchase the ICON Modus 1 Flashlight. How great is that?! (I love companies that include batteries with their products. It says so much about them. Definitely people I want to be doing business with.)

The ICON Modus 1 Flashlight retails for around $29.99. That’s not a bad price at all considering how fantastic this little flashlight is. It’s definitely my favorite flashlight, and it’s the only flashlight I use now.

If you want a great deal, I found the ICON Modus 1 Flashlight on Amazon for just $19.99 + $2.99 shipping. That is an awesome deal for this little light! You can also click here to see other retails where you can purchase the ICON Modus 1: Where to Buy

To learn more about the ICON family of lights, and meet the creator, check out the ICON website: www.myiconlight.com

Disclaimer: I was contacted on behalf of ICON and the Modus 1 Flashlight. I received a sample flashlight in order to facilitate my review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way except through my own use of the product. I was in no other way compensated for this post.