Is Egg Donation Right for You?

I know many people that have struggled with fertility. Part of me always feels a sense of guilt that I can conceive as easily as I do when there are so many out there that are aching to hold just one child in their arms.

Egg donation is becoming much more common here in the US. Many women are finding hope because of frozen donor eggs. At the same time, many other women are giving these women hope because they are donating their eggs for an amazing cause.

My Egg Bank boasts a 60% ongoing/delivery success rate, over 560 live births, and over 900 cycles completed. That gives patients the same clinical success as the traditional egg donation programs, but at half the cost.

Not only that, but you can trust My Egg Bank. This frozen donor egg bank accepts only eggs from the highest quality egg donors. Every egg donor goes through a thorough clinical, psychological, and genetic screening process. This company also meets all FDA compliance standards.

If you are curious about the egg donation process, I hope you’ll take a moment to visit their website and learn more.

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