Need a Giggle? Watch This!

Gage is all about his baby food. If you need a giggle today, take a second and watch him enjoy some breakfast:

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Shrek from a 3 Year Old’s Perspective

For a previous post, I received a pair of giant Shrek gloves as part of the review package.

Last night, Parker found those giant gloves and came running up to me, yelling, “You better run! Here comes Freck the Yogurt!”


Here’s my Freck the Yogurt:

freck the yogurt

Am I A Rotten Egg?

Here’s my conversation with Parker this morning as we’re walking down the steps:

Parker: “If I’m the last one down, am I a rotten egg?”

Me: “No, honey, you’re not a rotten egg.”

Parker: “Then I’m not coming down the stairs!”

Me: “You want to be a rotten egg?”

Parker: “Yes.”

Me: “Ok. If you come down the steps, you’re the rotten egg.”

I have no idea when it became cool to be the rotten egg, but in Parker’s world it is.

Daddy Did What?

My husband will frequently send me text messages throughout the day, and Parker loves to be the one to tell me that I’ve gotten a new message.

Today, though, I was doing something in the kitchen, and Parker came over to me to tell me I had a new message.

Parker: “Mom! Daddy sent a message.”


Parker: “Moooom! Daddy sent a message.”

Silence. (I was busy. You know you have selective hearing too.)


I guess he figured that if I heard that I’d finally come running to see what he needed. There was certainly no more ignoring him after that. 🙂

How embarrassing….

Last night, Parker was being extremely silly. We were sitting on the couch, and we were making him repeat what we were saying. He’d say it in some funny voice and get everyone in the room laughing.

Then, we branched out to asking Parker questions:

“Where does Daddy go every day?” “Work.”

“Who am I?” “Angie.”

“What are you supposed to call me?” “Mom.”

“What does Mommy call Daddy?”

….. “Stupid.”

Now I swear, I have NEVER called my husband stupid. Ever. The answer I was looking for was “honey.” Thankfullly, hubby thought it was absolutely hysterical, and we were all laughing with tears rolling down our faces.

Guess I’ll be even more careful with what I say in the future!

Bug-Killing Mama

no bugsI hate bugs. I am absolutely terrified of them. So when I see a creepy-crawly, I totally freak out. I often tell my husband that I married him just for his bug-killing skills. (And why do you think I had 6 kids? I’m never alone, and I can train the kids while they’re young to kill the bugs for me!)

Ok, so I’m kidding.

Kind of.

A few weeks ago, a wasp got in the house. Hubby was at work, and the older kids were at school. Since Lucy and Parker are as petrified of bugs as I am, that left me to take care of things.

The wasp was hanging out on the kitchen table. Without a second though, I grabbed the bottle of spray butter and soaked the sucker. I watched as he squirmed in a pool of yellow, but he couldn’t get out. I quickly put a glass upside down over the wasp and the pool of butter, and I left him there for hubby to take care of when he got home.

Did I mention I don’t like bugs?

Hubby harassed me for weeks about using butter to kill a wasp. The kids joined in too.

So, last week, when a bee was in the bathroom, Lucy ran to the fridge, grabbed the spray butter, and said, “Here, Mom! Kill the bee!”

And yesterday, when another wasp got in the house, I had Parker grab the spatula out of the drawer for me. I smacked the wasp senseless, scooped him up, and threw him off the back deck.

Lucy was so proud of me, that when my husband called to check on us, Lu wanted to talk to him. I overheard her tell him, “Dad! Mom killed a wasp today! And she didn’t even need the butter!”

Sigh. I don’t think I’ll ever live that down!

Earthquake Drill

earthquake drillToday at Zander’s school, they had an earthquake drill. When Zander got home, he was telling me all about this earthquake drill and what happened. Here’s exactly what he said to me:

“They sounded off the alarm, and we all got in our proper places. But then they didn’t shake the school. What is the point of having an earthquake drill if they’re not going to shake the school?!”

When I asked him why he thought they would shake the school for a drill, He replied, “Well, some of the kids said that the school has a big machine that makes it shake just for earthquake drills.”

It took me a good 10 minutes to stop giggling after that conversation!

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day TWENTY-TWO

Day Twenty Two: Fashion

FashionIf this isn’t fashion, I don’t know what is. 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday: How to Eat a Cupcake

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What Bad Day?

Last night, hubby and I took the kids to my mother-in-law’s house. The kids spend most Friday nights with her. She loves the one-on-five time with them, and it gives hubby and I a weekly date night as well as allows me to get some work done around the house on Saturday mornings.

This morning, I sent Ash a text message and told her to have my mother in law call me when she got the chance. Ash asked if everything was ok, and I responded, “Don’t ask. It’s been a bad morning.”

Apparently, Zander found out about my bad morning, because when I picked them up a little while later, he asked me, “Mom, how could you have a bad morning? Jace wasn’t home.”

The Alarm Clock

For Christmas, the boys got a Perry the Platapus alarm clock from Santa. They were so excited, they couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and set up in their room. The other night, Parker discovered that he could reach the alarm clock, and kept hitting the snooze button (Perry’s hat) over and over and over.

Zander comes running out of his room yelling, “Mom! Parker keeps hitting snooze! He won’t stop!”

At the same time, Lucy walked by the boys’ room and asked, “Who is Snooze?”