Google is Making Lots of Changes…


…and in my opinion? None of them are good.

  • They are changing the look of Gmail. Ugh. I tried the new look. I forced myself to leave it there for 24 hours. Hated.Every.Second. While they say that it’ll be more “comfortable,” “streamlined” and easier to read, I’m not buying it. I found it awkward, confusing, and just plain ugly. I know I have to adjust, but I do think it’s going to take awhile to get used to it.
  • Also, they will be weeding out Google Friend Connect for non-Blogger users. That’s right – those of us who have WordPress blogs will now lose all the followers we’ve worked so hard to get. Google suggests blogs create a Google+ page and encourage readers to add them to their circles. I truly feel this is Google’s way of forcing bloggers to do one of two things: 1. Give in and go back to Blogger or 2. Use Google+. Both options stink. {Again, this is just my opinion. If you love Google+, let me know how you make it work for you.}

    I created a Google+ account back when it was first introduced. I hated it. With Facebook, I can set everything to publish to my wall automatically and this busy mom of 6 doesn’t have to figure out how to create more time in her day to publish every new post to her Facebook wall. I don’t have that luxury with Google+. So now do I not only have to update my personal Google+ page, I also have to update my blog’s Google+  page every day as well. I don’t have time for this!

Don’t try to comment on any of Google’s posts, though. You’re not allowed. They don’t actually want to hear how we feel about this. They just want to tell us how it’s going to be, and we have to deal with it. Not cool, Google. Not cool.

Social Networking has always been a passion for me – well, for as long as social networking has been around. I love connecting with my readers and finding new blogs to read through many different social media outlets. I really think that Google+ is going to limit all of that – or at least make it much more difficult.

There are lots of other changes coming to Google too, so please be sure to read the posts by Google that I linked to in this blog.

How do you feel about all the changes Google is making? Do you see them as a bonus for bloggers, or do you see it as more work and more headaches like I do?
{Don’t worry if you don’t agree with me! I ask because I’m looking for a silver lining. There has to be one somewhere!}