Guest Post: Signs That You Are Overprotective As A Parent

So many parents are out there that think they are helping their children when they keep protecting them but this is not actually the case. Being overprotective is something that would lead towards many problems you do not want to be faced with as a parent. If the child is too protected, his development is delayed. That can lead towards emotional, mental, practical and psychological issues in the life of the child.

Being overprotective is always a really bad thing and the big problem is that most of the parents that are like this have no idea that this is the case. That is why we have to highlight these signs that you are overprotective.

The Child Never Failed Till Now
When the child is too protected, he/she will not make mistakes. Failure is never tasted. This is bad. Children will learn a lot from their mistakes, just as much as they learn from their successes. Sometimes they actually learn more, allowing them to overcome normal bumps that they are faced with in their development.

You Are Choosing Your Child’s Friends
Monitoring the company that the child has is definitely an important part of parenting. We cannot deny that. However, when you choose friends, you are getting way too involved. This actually impairs the child’s social skills and life is actually impacted in a negative way.

The Child Always Comes To You When A Problem Appears
It is great to be needed as a parent. This is something that we love and we should never lie about this. The feeling of a child telling you what they feel makes you feel as if you are a great parent. The problem is that any kid has to learn how to process feelings without the parent getting involved. This is true for everything from excitement to sadness. You have to teach the child to find his/her own way to go through emotional landscapes.

The Child Has Zero Chores
If your child lives a life without any worries, he/she will just think about having fun. Childhood is a time when you need to learn about collective, social and personal responsibility, together with everything that this covers. You need to basically start small and then go steady. Never shy away from having the child struggle. This is a principle that is as old as time. You can see it highlighted in spiritual books and the best parents always use chores. However, this does not mean that you have to be strict. Try to do all that you can in order to create a steady growth in chores and responsibilities so that the child can adapt.

The Child Is Afraid Of The World
One of the clear signs that you are overprotective is when the child is afraid of the world as you paint a really horrible picture about it, one focused on negatives. The child ends up thinking that the world is hostile, terrible, dangerous and that home is the only place where safety exists. Well, truth is definitely a sanctuary but that does not mean that the world should be afraid of the world. Fear should never be seen as a good control strategy. It almost always fails. It is a lot better to focus on highlighting the truth: the world can be great or bad, based on many factors.

Guest Post: Dads: Fitting the Perfect Nursery Blind

Considering all of the safety issues that have been reported in relation to blinds over recent years, it should come as no surprise to read that dads up and down the country are fretting about whether or not they have installed their little one’s nursery blind accordingly. If you fall into this category, or are about to anytime soon, it’s time to read on.

Of course, it’s not all about safety. While this will be the biggest factor plaguing most parents’ minds, we should also point out that a correctly installing your blinds can affect a whole host of other issues including sleep.

In fact, let’s start this guide on a sleep-related note. This isn’t necessarily a piece of installation advice, but more on the type of product you should be selecting. If you haven’t yet purchased your blind for your newborn, you need to be making sure that it falls in the blackout category. Anything less will rob you of precious hours of sleep and as any new parent will tell you, this is the last thing you need.


Something else that will aid with that elusive shut-eye is just where you install the blind. Most products will give you the opportunity for a recess or exact fitting and when it comes to blocking out the maximum amount of natural light, the recess option is by far and away the most advisable. This hangs on the recess, covering slightly more than the window opening. In contrast, an exact fitting fits inside the recess and on these occasions it’s hard to block out every speck of natural light.

Now we’ve dealt with the sleep issues, let’s move onto safety. If you haven’t purchased a cordless blind, it’s time to sit up and listen. Firstly, make sure that you use every component that arrives with your blind. This includes the cleat which even though it may look quite basic, it can in fact be a lifesaving part at the same time. In simple terms, it allows your cord to wrap around the cleat and prevent any dangling strings. This immediately quashes the risk of accidents – although make sure that the cleat is installed high enough so it’s out of the way of reaching hands.

The last installation tip also revolves safety, but around one of the lesser-known devices. The cord stop is essentially a knot that is positioned on the cord, to prevent excess unraveling. Again, it’s all about minimizing the amount of cord that does dangle from the blind to ultimately reduce those risks. By making sure that this knot is positioned correctly, you can do exactly that.

As you can see, the installation process for a nursery blind is hardly extensive. We’ve covered the most important tips here and if you can get these right, you will have immediately installed a blind that’s both safe and can promote maximum sleep. These days, blinds are made-to-measure anyway, so there’s no cutting down to size or anything else along those lines – just make sure you get the basics right and your little one’s room will be ready in no time.

Guest Post: How To Select the Right Hair Clinic

As most men begin to age, they will start to notice various changes to their body some good and some bad. One of the most common problems men face is the loss of their hair. Losing one’s hair can bring on a plethora of different emotions. There are a number of different ways to regain the lost hair you have and in order to get the right method chosen, you will have to do some research. The first thing you need to consider when trying to get this process done is which hair clinic you will use. Here are some tips on how to choose the right hair clinic Vancouver.

How Well Do They Know Their Industry?
The first thing to consider when trying to find the right hair clinic is the knowledge they have regarding their industry and the hair restoration methods they offer. For most Canadian men going in for this procedure, getting some sound advice will be needed. In order to get this advice, you will have to find a reputable and knowledgeable hair clinic in your area. The more you are able to find out about the clinics in your area, the easier you will find it to get the right results.

Getting a Consultation
The next thing you need to consider when trying to find the right hair clinic is to getting a few consultations scheduled. By going in for consultations in a few of the hair clinics in the area, you will be able to get the information you are looking for. These face to face meetings will allow you to figure out what each of the companies has to offer you and whether or not it is in line with what you need.

How Long Will It Take To Get The Procedures Done?
Another important thing you have to think about when trying to find the right hair clinic is the length of time you have to wait to get your procedure done. The longer you have to wait to get the procedures you need, the more of an inconvenience it will become. By calling around to the various clinics in your area, you will be able to find out who can get you in the fastest and get your procedures done. The time and effort you spend calling around will be well worth it in the end.

When choosing to use HairFree Laser Skin Clinics, you will be able to get the procedures you need done the right way. Be sure to call them or go to their website for more information on what they can provide you with.

Guest Post: How to Instantly Update Your Home with New Curtains

The home is precious; it’s where we feel safe, secure and happy. It’s where we can truly be free to relax, be ourselves and lock ourselves away from outside distractions.

Why curtains?
Curtains are much more than just pieces of material that keep the light out in the morning and retain the heat at night; curtains are a tried-and-tested method of home decoration.

As well as being functional, they also make the room seem softer. This may sound like an odd thing to say, but the truth is that a window without curtains or blinds can really make a room look harsh and the angles of the window frame are sometimes at odds with the peaceful and calming feel that many people want their homes to exude.

Simply put, curtains are a simple and instant way to update any room in the home.

Pick a great fabric
When it comes to new curtains, the fabric is a chance to go wild! Do you want bright colors, or soft pastel shades? Do you want to try out a new, bold contemporary style or something more understated and traditional?

The choice is yours, but if you pick a fabric that you want, a material that you adore and simply cannot live without, then use that to form the starting point of your home’s beautiful new look.

Find a new texture
Your curtains don’t just have to be an accessory; they can be the focal point of the entire room. So, if you’re looking at getting a new pair of curtains, it’s also a chance to look at injecting the room with new colors and textures.

Textures, such as flocked cotton, silk, wool, velvet and sheer materials can breathe new life into an old room, adding lots of different layers and movements to the room.

Make your room a success
Before you start looking at curtain fabric, make a floor plan, and look at where the light comes in, where large pieces of furniture will sit and how many windows there are.

If you have lots of windows in one room, think carefully about the type and color of fabric you want, as dark, pattered curtains will make the room look too busy and dominate the room, which you don’t want.

There are many ways to update your living space, but buying a new pair of curtains is a good way to get started, and you can find more at Tesco.

Image by: love Maegan, used under Creative Commons license

Guest Post: Family Attractions on a San Francisco Vacation

family vacation in san francisco

San Francisco’s popularity as a tourist destination has never diminished, and in fact more people than ever are choosing to visit this Californian city. The sheer number of attractions and scenic highlights makes SF a firm family favorite for either a weekend city-break or a longer vacation.

Nearly 17 million people arrive in the ‘City by the Bay’ each year and if your family are first time visitors then there are more than a few not to be missed highlights.

Fun at the bay
You could spend an entire day on bustling Pier 39 and still not see all of the attractions of this highly recommended family-friendly location. Children will be enthralled by the sea lion shows and street performers or they might just want to try out the bungee trampolines before taking a ride on the vintage carousel. The famous Aquarium by the Bay is also located right by the water’s edge and this venue is home to 20,000 sea creatures that can be viewed via underwater clear tunnels. You don’t need to leave pier if you fancy a bite to eat as there are plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can dine while admiring the bay views.

A children’s favorite
There’s no better way to explore this city’s neighborhoods than by taking a Duck Tour San Francisco in a remarkable boat on wheels. These specially designed vehicles allow visitors to travel the city streets before splashing into the bay waters to view the skyline and the Bay Bridge. You’ll pass many iconic landmarks along the way including Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach and Chinatown. Kids will love this tour as they’re actually given the opportunity to drive the duck boat once in the water.

Not to be missed
If you’re looking for more sightseeing attractions then the SF Zoo is well worth a visit, and this 100 acre park is home to over 1,000 rescued and endangered animals. The Golden Gate Park is another family favorite, which stretches over 1,000 acres and contains two museums, botanical gardens, a kid’s playground and carousel as well as a relaxing Japanese Tea Garden. This park is worth a day out alone, and many families come here for picnics in the sun and to spend some time boating on the lake. Of course the bay itself is the place to take boat trips to visit Alcatraz, sail underneath the iconic bridge and take in a whale-watching trip to the Farallon Islands.

This is definitely a city of fun attractions and some unforgettable sightseeing, and you’ll never be short of things to do in San Fran. Buy a ticket, hop on a cable-car and start exploring this unique destination.

Image by kaddisudhi used under the Creative Commons license

Guest Post: The Top 10 Safest Countries for Your Next Family Vacation

family vacation

Planning a family vacation can be challenging; you want to find a place to holiday that works with your budget and your vision of the ideal family vacation, but also offers a sanctuary for you and yours. So, where should you travel without having to worry about the safety and you and your family? Below are the top ten safest countries in the world suitable for your next family getaway:

Denmark, and the rest of Scandinavia, has enjoyed a long reputation as some of the safest (and most beautiful) places to visit. Though Denmark can be a bit expensive, they also have some amazing free music and food festivals complete with kid-pleasing fireworks displays. As a top contender on Lonely Planet’s list of Best Family Destinations for 2014, Denmark has some great theme parks with fun rides, and Copenhagen is where you can find Hotel Legoland.

Statistically speaking, Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world to live as well:

  • Open Travel states the homicide rate as 0.88 per 100,000 people
  • Low crime rate
  • Low risk of natural disasters

The people of Denmark are remarkably hospitable and kind, so travelling to this naturally beautiful country with your family is a must.


With the Italian way of life centred onthe idea of family, it’s no surprise that Italy comes in second as one of the safest places to visit with your family. The people of this country are described as incredibly welcoming and you will never feel anything but secure in the bustling cities, world-famous restaurants, and kid-friendly beaches.

Lonely Planet lists the following as Italian features that your kids, and you, will be sure to enjoy:

  • Ice cream and gelato
  • Pizza
  • Pasta

Ciao Bambino raves about the pools and play areas in Italian hotels, and you can even sign your family up for cooking lessons.


This country features a little bit of everything for every taste, and may be about the closest thing you can get to a true winter wonderland (if you decide to travel during the winter season). The worst thing to hear your children say whilst on vacation is the dreaded “I’m bored”, though they won’t have a chance to in Iceland.

Lonely Planet recommends the following family-friendly activities:

  • Horse riding
  • Elf Hunting
  • White-water rafting

This can all be done affordably, with a great exchange rate and travel prices.


Touted as one of the most polite countries in the world, Canadians are welcoming and hospitable, and the hotels and activities are much like what you would find in the United States, though typically more affordable. Safety is a top priority in Canada, with a relatively low crime rate and minimal risk for any natural disaster.

Visiting the various national parks is sure to delight your family, as well as:

  • Niagara Falls
  • The Maritimes
  • Banff National Park


Brazil is a fantastic place to explore and get caught up in the lasting excitement surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Brazil also has some great sightseeing spots:

  • Iguazu Falls
  • Christ the Redeemer
  • The Amazon Rainforest

And many beaches, colonial towns, and other amazing sights for a memorable holiday.


Japan, though revered as one of the cleanest and most polite countries in the world, ranks lower on our list due to the hazardous recent events that have happened, including the devastating tsunami and earthquake and the nuclear power plant meltdown.

However, the bustling cities and incredible train journeys throughout are a luxury for those wanting to see much in little time. Don’t expect it to be incredibly expensive either; because of the dependency on tourism, travel deals are easy to come by.


New Zealand
Another country boasting extreme natural beauty, New Zealand is a great place for families to holiday in. The British Government advises that “weather conditions can quickly become treacherous, especially in winter”, so you may want to plan your vacation for a more weather-friendly time of year.

Though rare, earthquakes have been known to cause significant damage in some cities in New Zealand, including the 6.3 earthquake that hit Christchurch in 2011.


As one of the most affordable Caribbean destinations, Belize is a popular place for families to relax on the beach, snorkel, scuba dive, or just enjoy the island culture.

Go beyond just the beach when you visit the spectacular Mayan ruins and cenotes in the interior of the island. Yachting is a lifestyle in Belize; sailing the waters can easily be researched and booked through sites You could even have a working holiday onboard!


Asian charm extends into a welcoming, clean, and safe atmosphere in Singapore, where families are welcomed and treated as locals. Open Travel ranks Singapore as the top safest destination in the world, stating that crime and theft are a rarity and a low homicide rate.

There are many activities and sights to partake in when visiting Singapore, and the culture alone is fascinating and never dull.


After undergoing a major revitalisation, Malaysia is now focused on providing the very best for its tourists. Children will love Legoland Malaysia and the new Hello Kitty Town, while you and your spouse can relax in the famed Asian gardens or sightseeing tour.

Getting to Malaysia can be an issue as your connecting flights may cross some danger zones, and the region is prone to earthquakes and tsunamis.


About the Author: Andy Woodbridge is passionate about writing and has often written for a number of industry websites and both online and offline journals.

How to Keep Post-Pregnancy Skin Stretchmark-Free #Sponsored #GuestPost

Sponsored Post

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post, and I have been compensated for my time in publishing this post.

Pregnancy: a time to bask in a supernaturally healthy glow; a time for impossibly glossy hair; a time to experience the profound natural gorgeousness that only pure joy can give you. More realistically, all that bubbling joy and rosy-cheeked wholesomeness is Mother Nature’s way of trying to make up for all effort you’re making and your  sleepless nights. Pregnancy also comes with an increased need to care for your body and mind and you’ll have  to know where to look for to find the right responses.

Striae gravidarum, the medical name for stretch marks, belies the simplicity of the science behind them. Simply put, they are epidermal scars that result from tissue tears. When skin is not elastic enough to tolerate weight gain, your skin will let you know by forming silvery lines. Several ways to remove them have been discussed, but the best solution remains prevention.

Preventative care is a fun way to cram your bathroom shelf with enticing luxuries, and you needn’t break the bank while you do it. Some of the most effective ways to help the skin to reinvent its youthful texture date all the way back to the disco era—Mums to be in the bell bottom epoch simply swathed themselves in bare-bones oils and emulsifiers. In comparison, today’s solutions are positively futuristic, with ingredients such as dimethylaminoethano and pantothenic Acid leaving women feeling as baffled as they do intimidated. When shopping for effective and safe mum to be beauty gifts, however, your list needn’t be packed full of words you can’t pronounce.

As we said, oil based products have revealed to be pretty effective in preventing stretch marks and they should contain ingredients you would normally also use in your healthy skin daily routine such as sweet almond or coconut oil. They should tempt you with a nice, light fragrance but also be reliable.

It’s always worth researching on ingredients that may harm skin or that are not suggested during pregnancy times such as parabens or dioxane and make sure to follow a simple but effective beauty routine. This should also involve some light exercise to keep the whole body stretchy and healthy.

In few simple steps and with some extra care, pregnancy will leave just nice memories on your mind!

When You Miss Church… {Guest Post}

Disclaimer: This is a guest post written by Bill Brinkworth of Open Thou Mine Eyes. I have not been compensated for this post in any way.

All should go to church: saved and unsaved.  An unsaved person will learn God’s way to heaven and, hopefully, be saved.  A saved person should go to church because God commands it (Hebrews 10:25); it is the place to learn about spiritual things; it is a place to serve God, and it is a place to receive spiritual encouragement.

Too many born-again people stay away from the house of God. Sometimes the excuses are legitimate, such as sickness or an emergency; but too many times, they are not legitimate.  When a Christian stays home from attending services at the house of God, he can do damage to himself and to the cause of Christ.  Some of the negative impacts of his avoiding church include:

  • His lack of faithfulness to the house of God is a bad example to other believers and the unsaved. If his avoiding church is observed, others may justify their staying home as, “Well, if so-and-so doesn’t go to church, why do I have to go?”  The lack of attendance encourages others also to miss.  Others observe our actions and reactions. We may be all of “Christ” many see.  It is important to be a good testimony to others.  We never know who is watching us.
  • He will miss a blessing that God intended for him to hear to help him through life. The day the believer stays home may be the day that God laid a special message on the pastor’s heart that was desperately needed by the one that did not make it to church that day. Encouragement from the Word of God, taught in church, is spiritual food a believer needs to make it through life’s trials.
  • When a person stays home and misses church, he is showing God and others what is important in his life; and unfortunately, it may not be the things of God.
  • A saved individual is born into the family of God.  When he misses church, he is missing a “family” gathering.  When any family does not spend time together, they grow apart.  When a child of God misses church, he too, can grow apart from his spiritual family.
  • A stay-at-home Christian is showing the unsaved world that church is not really important.
  • When a believer stays home, it can discourage those that know he is gone, and also discourage the preacher.
  • If a believer is involved in a ministry and misses church, others have to fill in the empty spot his absence has left.  Most of the time, the ones picking up the slack are those that are already busy in their own ministries.  They soon get tired of doing too much and get discouraged, all because a believer missed church.
  • If a believer stays home, he often does not give to the cause of Christ for the time he missed.  The money not given is needed to keep the ministry running.  A church will suffer, because all are not giving their share.

God went to a lot of trouble to have a local church for us to go to. He called a shepherd for the flock of believers.  Many gave, so the church would have its doors open. Many sacrificed their time to minister to the needs of others. Avoiding church is missing what God intended for us to have.  Be at church every time the doors are open.  It is the right thing to do!

“Someone once said the difference between watching a sermon on television rather than going to church to hear it is the same difference as talking to a girl friend on the phone as opposed to taking her out on a date.” 


This post has been taken from The Bible View: Church Newsletters. You can read this newsletter by clicking this link.

Tips for Parents Choosing Life Insurance (Guest Post)

When you become a parent, your priorities change. It becomes less about you, and more about them. You realise the importance of making sure your little ones are safe and provided for, whether that is making sure they go to the right school, or making sure they eat something healthy before they start throwing down cookies and ice cream.

Unfortunately, being a parent also forces you to think about the worst things that could happen. How to minimize risks, and how to prepare for the bad times. One important aspect of this preparation is life insurance. Helping to provide protection should the worst happen, life insurance can be an invaluable investment.

So, what should you be looking for when you are buying life insurance?

Value Work Done At Home

One of the most common mistakes made by families choosing life insurance is undervaluing the work done within the house. You may be a stay at home parent, or you may work part time, whatever the situation, it is important to give value to the work you do within the household.

This may include cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes, vacuuming, doing the laundry, ironing, driving the family around, gardening, and everything in between. All those hours you spend doing chores around the house, should be valued when you are deciding how much life insurance you need. If you were not there to do them, how much would it cost for an outside party to do them?

Add Your Kids To Your Policy

Most life insurance providers allow you to add on extra features, or riders, to your base policy to tailor it to better suit your needs. Find out what riders you can add to your policy, whether they are worth the cost, and how much you will benefit from them. One rider you may want to consider as a parent is a child protection rider. This can offer financial assistance if something bad were to happen to your child.

Do Your Research

Find out everything you need to know about what types of life insurance are out there, which insurers are offering what, and what is best for you. Think about income protection insurance, accidental injury insurance, and standard life insurance options. You will also need to work out how much cover you will need. Try using an online life insurance calculator or speaking to an insurance expert.

Get Healthy

While many parents stay fairly healthy running around after their kids all day, it can be helpful to look into any health issues before getting life insurance. Try to lose the excess pounds if necessary, and quit smoking. Take up regular exercise, and try to lower high levels of cholesterol or blood pressure.

Shop Around

As a parent, you will recognize the value of shopping around to get the best deal. There are dozens of life insurance providers out there (such as GIO Insurance, at, all offering different deals at different prices. To make sure you get the policy that is right for you and your family, spend some time looking around at what’s available. Use a comparison site, insurer websites, and speak to friends or relatives to see what they recommend.

Payment Options

Some insurance providers offer discounts for paying annually rather than monthly. If this is an option for you, make sure you take it. You may also find that buying your policy online can provide a number of bonuses, from premium discounts, a couple of free months, and cashback if no claims are made.


Teaching Your Child to Tell the Time (Guest Post)

Learning to tell the time is a significant milestone in every child’s development and it is still a very important skill for all to  acquire, despite the spread of digital timepieces. The following suggested steps will help your child to understand and  remember the essentials.

The Starting Point
We all need a motive to prompt us to learn a new skill and children are no different. As a starting point, try to get your child to come up with some important times in his or her day, such as a meal time or the point when a favourite TV programme is coming on. You can use this to highlight the advantages of being able to tell the time for oneself – there is a reward to be obtained.

It is important that parents remember that each child is different and they all learn at their own pace. This may mean that you need to spend a little time helping your child master his or her basic counting skills before moving on to the concept of telling the time.

Using a Clock
It’s a good idea to work with a large clock with hands that you can move; this can be a play clock or an old one with the glass cover removed. Start with the hours of the day and show how the short hand represents them. Encourage your child to move the hand by asking him or her to, for example: “Show me twelve o’clock, time for your lunch.” Purchasing themed clocks for a bedroom can also be beneficial in getting your child interested in the topic.

Move on to introduce the idea of minutes and explain how the long hand on the clock helps us to read them. Once your child has grasped the idea of minutes, he or she will be ready for you to show how hours and minutes work together on the clock.

Consolidating Your Child’s Learning
Remember that any learning points you tell your child or demonstrate with the clock will be significantly reinforced by letting him or her try it too.

Overall there is no great rush, you can wait until your child is fully ready and use some simple stages to help. Try to recall what it was like to acquire this skill yourself – did your parents use games to make it a fun experience? Encouraging play with other children can aid the process, for example ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ is a childhood favourite for many kids.

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Low-Maintenance Children’s Birthday Parties {Guest Post}

If you’re like me and have more than one child, you know that throwing multiple birthday parties every year can get overwhelming and expensive. The key is to set parameters for your child’s requests and listen to their feedback in order to come to an agreement that will work for everyone. Sometimes it is just easiest to streamline the task with a specific theme and buy a package of Super Mario Bros party supplies. You can also give them the latest Super Mario video game for whatever system you guys have and invite a small group over to go to town on it. Order a couple of pizzas and you’re set for the event.

For most children’s parties, practicality is more important than extravagance. I remember many a happy adolescent birthday party with just a pack of water guns and a slip and slide for my friends. However, our youngest daughter is a girly-girl and she wanted to have a princess themed party for her last birthday. We made homemade decorative cookies, which she was happy to help whip up from scratch. Her helpfulness and desire to pull off the kind of party she wanted was too cute.

We have twin boys that share a handful of close-knit friends. If they ask for an over the top birthday, I make the deal that they have to help with the set up and cleaning afterwards. This tends to keep their party requests in perspective and easy to manage, and they usually opt for a low-key slumber party with pizza and movies. This also helps with any jealousy from their sisters. Everyone knows what kind of responsibilities are involved and can choose whether or not they want to go all out, or just be the center of attention with a few friends.

Guest Author’s Bio: Lisa is a guest blogger on the topics of parenting on a budget, early childhood education, and marriage.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post in any way.

Guest Post: Win a Tamron 70-300mm Lens

Tamron 70-300

TakeGreatPictures is giving away a Tamron 70-300mm Lens to one lucky winner in their summer contest giveaway! The Tamron SP designation is reserved for lenses developed with special emphasis on extraordinary photographic performance. Engineers are free to innovate in an uncommon atmosphere where optical performance comes before price, resulting in lenses that satisfy the demands of discerning photographers. In addition to entering, contestants will also be automatically become subscribers to’s monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all their contests and prizes.

The contest is open now and runs through to the end of August.  Entries must be received before September 1, 2011.  For more information on how to enter, please visit

Disclaimer: This is a guest post sent to me on behalf of I was not compensated for this post in any way, but thought my photography-loving readers would like to know about the contest and enter.