Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror {Review}

Lucy, my 5 year old, is a huge fan of Hello Kitty. So, when Sparkle Bee contacted me and asked if we’d like to review one of their Hello Kitty products, I jumped at the chance. I knew it would make Lucy’s entire day.

hello kitty lighted makeup mirrorWe ended up receiving the Lighted Makeup Mirror. What it hit it has been! Lucy loves pretending to put on her make up in the mirror. She’ll sit in front of the mirror for the longest time and primp: brushing her hair, pretending to put make up on, or just talking to her beautiful reflection in the mirror.

Even Parker can’t get enough of the mirror. He’ll go in Ashley and Lucy’s room, shut the lights off, turn on the mirror, and make funny faces.  He cracks himself up, and we all get the biggest kick out of watching him do it.

Here are some of the features of the mirror:

  • Round 2-sided magnifying mirror that rotates to go from a regular mirror to a magnifying mirror at 5x magnification.
  • Illuminated border can be tilted at an angle for convenience. {Perfect if you’re short or tall!}
  • The swivel feature lets you control your view.
  • Adorable “Hello Kitty” doll on/off button. {My favorite feature.}
  • Works with 4 AA batteries or 120V AC adapter. {Neither are included.}

We put in the cheap Rayovac “Heavy Duty” batteries, and I can’t believe how long they’ve lasted, especially with so much use. The pack cost us less than $1.00 at Walmart, and we’ve gotten tons of play time with the mirror because of them. I do love that you have the option to plug it in, though. We go through millions of batteries in this house, and having the option to plug something in saves us lots of money.

parker in the mirrorThe Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror makes the perfect gift for any girl. While the box recommend that it not be used by children 12 and under, I have to disagree. I think that this mirror is suited better for the younger crowd. I’ve only seen my 14 year old use the mirror once or twice since we’ve had it. Granted, Ashley still doesn’t wear make up, but I honestly don’t know if she’d use the mirror if she did. She’s “too old” for Hello Kitty stuff. {Which surprises me, because I’m really old and I’d totally use the mirror if I could get it away from Lucy long enough.} But, the mirror is such a hit with my younger daughter, that if we didn’t already own it, I would have purchased it for her as a birthday or Christmas gift. She uses it all the time, and it’s worth the money for the smiles she gets on her face every time she uses it.

Lucy was up here when I was browsing the Sparklebee website and asked if she could have all of the products, just because they match her mirror. 🙂 I’m in big trouble with this girl!

If you’d like to purchase the Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror for someone you love, I’ve found it at the following places online:

Also, Check out SparkleBee – they’ve got some really great products avalable. You can find them on the SparkleBee website, on the SparkleBee Facebook page, and you can follow SparkleBee on twitter.

lucy in the mirror
Disclaimer: I was contacted by Sparklebee and asked to do a review of one of their Hello Kitty products. I received the item mentioned above in order to facilitate my honest review. I was in no other way compensated for this post. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own.