Researching Vacuum Cleaners

With 6 kids, I can’t even begin to tell you how many vacuum cleaners I have been through. I have yet to find a good vacuum cleaner that cleans well and can handle everything my large family will put it through.

Our current vacuum cleaner is about on it’s last leg. You have to run it over an area 10 times before it will pick something up, and it’s starting to stink. I’m tired of dealing with it, and I’m ready to start researching vacuum cleaners.

I’d love to get YOUR input and hear which vacuum cleaner is going to be the best fit for my family. If you have a vacuum cleaner and it’s not on my list, I’d love to hear about it as well!

Here are the ones I’m looking at:

  • Dyson’s DC24 Multi floor – This one would be great for the house we live in now. It’s got the ability to work on any kind of floor, and with an equal amount of hardwood floors and carpet floors, I think it would be a nice fit.
    dyson vacuum cleaner
  • Electrolux Nimble® EL8602A – Another one made for different floor types. I love how it’s a one-touch switch from hard floors to carpet. I love the 3-in-1 tool. Would be great for all my steps. And, I really think Electrolux is on the cutting edge of “what moms want.”
    electrolux vacuum
  • Oreck ® Forever Series™ Gold – I love the warranty on this one. And I like the idea of never needing to buy another vacuum again, since I’m currently buying a new one every year. (At least – if I buy a cheap one, I’m buying a new one every 3 – 6 months.) Can it really keep up with 6 kids, though?
    oreck vacuum
  • Hoover Platinum Collection™ Cyclonic Bagless Upright – Price is decent, and there’s a 6 year limited warranty. Not sure about a Hoover, though. I’ve never owned one before.

So, what do you think? Would one of those be a good fit for my big, crazy family? Is there one that I’m missing?

I’d love a germ-killing vacuum, but all I could find was the Oreck Halo, but those aren’t even for sale on the Oreck website anymore. Something that’s good for Allergies/Asthma is a MUST, since Ashley, Jace, and I all suffer from both allergies and asthma.

Help this desperate mom out. If you love your vacuum, tell me all about it – or if you think one of these is a good pick.