#Spon: My Week 3 Do-Over on the @Medifast Plan

sampleDisclaimer: I received a sample of the Medifast products in order to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Medifast products and the Medifast program are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.


Remember last week? How I failed on the Medifast program because I let life get in the way? I didn’t even weigh in last week, because I didn’t want to know how much weight I had gained back. (I had eaten REALLY badly!)

I am happy to report that I am now back on track!

The last time I weighed in, I was at 162 pounds. Today, the scale read 161.4. That’s great! That means I lost whatever I had put on in the previous week as well as a little extra! I’m quite happy with that. My goal in this challenge was to break 160 before my 4 weeks are up. I’m back on track to do just that, and I’m hoping I have good news to report after I finish out this next week.

I’m doing much better on the Medifast journey if I make a shake to drink on the way somewhere. If we’re heading out to a function, I drink a shake on the way and bring one of my other meals to eat while I’m there. It keeps me from filling up on junk, and that’s where I need the most help!

How are you doing on your journey? Are you finding tools to help you succeed? Have you decided to try the Medifast program? It’s a great option if you need all the help you can get staying on track. Their guidelines are easy to follow, the meals are easy to prepare, and the shakes are really really good! 🙂

One more week to go, and I can’t wait to see my final results! I’m anxious to see how many inches I’ve lost and if I can make my goal and get back into the 150s. Think I can do it?

Want to join me on this journey? Remember: If you use the code Blessed25 on the Medifast website, you will receive $25 off your order of $250 or more, as well as free shipping! It’s a great way to get you started on your own journey.

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#Spon: Week 3 on @Medifast: That Time I Failed… Miserably

sampleDisclaimer: I received a sample of the Medifast products in order to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Medifast products and the Medifast program are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.


It’s time to come clean. I am so embarrassed to admit this, but because I only believe in full disclosure here on my blog, and providing you honest reviews from my heart, I must confess…

I failed miserably this week.

Here are the excuses:

  • May is a tough month. Especially this year with my oldest daughter graduating high school. Picnics, birthday parties, end of school year parties, award ceremonies, wedding showers, house warming parties, baseball games, fellowships, going away parties. I have ONE DAY this month where I don’t have anything written in on my calendar. Really tough month.
  • I’ve had to eat on-the-go way more than normal this past week, and it’s so much easier to make the wrong choice than the right one.

Because things are so crazy, and I’ve been in a hurry, I haven’t taken the time to make the right choices. Instead, I’ve opted to just eat the food that was made available to me. Or, I’ve ridden through the drive thru for something quick between one appointment to the next.

Now, I’m feeling it. I’m back to being sluggish and feeling miserable all the time. When you eat poorly, you feel poorly. And, I know that. Especially after 2 good weeks of making the right choices!

I didn’t even weigh in today. I don’t want to know what I’ve done to my progress. I am just so disappointed in myself. BUT, like the sign above says, failure is a part of life. It’s how I react to my failure that will determine my success. If I just stop here and continue eating the way I have this past week, I haven’t learned anything. It’s time to buckle down and force myself to truly succeed! If I don’t, I’m never going to reach my goals, and I’m only going to get back on that downhill slope of weight gain and feeling miserable.

I know I can do it. It’s not going to be easy. Not at all. But it’s going to be worth it! When I reach my goals and can fit in that dress that’s hanging in my closet, it will be SO worth it.

So, I failed this week. I’m disappointed in myself. But, I’m going to pick myself up, brush off the dirt, and give it another try.

Stick with me, and help encourage me along the way, will you? Have you ever failed at a change you were trying to make in your life? I’d love to hear about it!

Want to join me on this journey? Remember: If you use the code Blessed25 on the Medifast website, you will receive $25 off your order of $250 or more, as well as free shipping! It’s a great way to get you started on your own journey.

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#Spon: Week 2 on @Medifast: Tools to Help You Succeed!

sampleDisclaimer: I received a sample of the Medifast products in order to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Medifast products and the Medifast program are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.


I’ve been on the Medifast program for 2 weeks now, and it is still going great! This week, the pounds didn’t fall off as easily as I hoped, since I weighed in a 162, but I can feel a difference in the way my clothes fit and how I feel. (The exact opposite of last week!)

Last night for church, I was able to get into a size small skirt and sweater set – that I took out of my daughter’s closet. It’s such a great feeling to see the fruits of my labor. It makes it all feel worth it!

Not only that, but the very best part was having my (almost) 13 year old son hug me and say, “You look pretty, Mom.” He didn’t say it because he wanted something or had ulterior motives, he just hugged me and said it. It about sent me to the floor! What a great thing to hear!


I still have my favorite foods: the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars and the vanilla shakes – to name a few. 🙂 And I’m starting to do really well with making Lean & Green meals that my kids all love and are excited to try. (Note: I made one meal the other night, and Lucy loved it so much, she went back for seconds – and she’s my pickiest kid!!)

Today, I want to share with you some tools Medifast offers to help you on your journey. Not only does the meal plan come with a food journal – which is great for keeping you on track with your eating, but you can also download the MyWellness App. This app has become my best friend over the past 2 weeks. Not only can I log my calorie intake, but I can also log my water intake, calories burned, weight, measurements, and even sleep duration. I can pair it with my fitbit and it helps keep me on track with everything!

You can also create an account on the Medifast website and do all the same things. It’s all about what’s more convenient for you. (I prefer to have the one-touch access the app gives me on my phone. Then, it’s always with me, and I can quickly and easily input data into it. It takes just a few seconds to put in the data, and I immediately have it recorded so I can look back on how far I’ve come!

8 pounds in 2 weeks is great. Yes, the weight is much easier to put on than it is to take off, but it’s coming off. And by the end of these 30 days, I have a feeling there’s going to be more than just a change in my diet, I’m looking forward to a total lifestyle change.

I can do this!!

Want to join me on this journey? Remember: If you use the code Blessed25 on the Medifast website, you will receive $25 off your order of $250 or more, as well as free shipping! It’s a great way to get you started on your own journey.

I would LOVE to have you join me on this journey! Please check back to see my results each week. You can also track my results on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow me there.

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#Spon: Week 1 on @Medifast: Curbing the Cravings

sampleDisclaimer: I received a sample of the Medifast products in order to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Medifast products and the Medifast program are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.


So, here I am. One week into the Medifast program. As you can tell by the pictures above, it doesn’t look like there’s much outward change yet.

But, boy, oh boy, has there been a change on the scale!


Check that out! Down 6 pounds in just one week! That is fantastic!

And, take a look at my wii fit graph:


I went from way up in the “Overweight” section last week to back down in the “Normal” section this week! (I shouldn’t have done the body test yesterday. It was at a different time of day than I normally exercise, so it was off a bit. But if you take yesterday’s weight out, I’ve gone straight down significantly!

It’s been difficult adjusting to the Medifast program, but only because I’m eating way more than I feel like I should! The program requires 4 Medifast meals per day as well as 2 Lean & Green meals. That means I’m eating 6 times a day! I’ve stuck with it, though, and it’s paying off!

I’ve made it one week without sweet tea, soda, ice cream, or junk, and my body is trying to adjust. Sometimes it’s hard to curb those cravings! (Especially when your church has a Sunday afternoon social and everyone brings their favorite foods and desserts. Passing that up was HARD. REALLY HARD.) But, I know that if I want to get down to a healthy weight/BMI for my frame, I need to give it up. In time, it won’t be so hard to pass up, but right now – I’m having lots of cravings!

Luckily, the Medifast meals help! The chocolate pudding is just what I need when I’m craving ice cream. The Chocolate Peanut Butter bar is my favorite on-the-go meal, and it’s what I’ve been taking to baseball games to keep myself from buying out the concession stand. And the shakes are awesome. I can’t decide if I like the Strawberry or Vanilla shakes better, but they are all so good!

I’m hoping that since I’ve made it through a week of fighting my cravings that it will get easier. I’m sure it will, my body just needs to adjust to eating these foods that are good for me.

Let’s take a minute and talk about the Lean & Green Meals, shall we?

One feature I love is that Medifast offers Flavors of Home for the nights when you’re family isn’t eating so “lean and green” or you need something fast. And those really are great for the nights when my family wants to order pizza or grab something quick and easy. I love them.

But, the point of all of this is to bring a healthier lifestyle to my whole family. But, I have to admit, eating healthy is NOT my strong point. I grew up always eating out, and it was rarely healthy. So, I had to do some searching, but I found this link that gives me 34 great recipes that I can use as my lean and green meals AND I can adjust them to feed my whole family. Win/Win, right? It’s going to be a long, slow process with the family, but eventually I’ll get the junk out of their systems, and they’ll only want the good stuff!

I’m excited about how well this first week has gone, and I can’t wait to see what next week brings! 🙂


If you use the code Blessed25 on the Medifast website, you will receive $25 off your order of $250 or more, as well as free shipping! It’s a great way to get you started on your own journey.

Be sure to Enter My Giveaway for Medifast Brownies. (YUM!)

I would LOVE to have you join me on this journey! Please check back to see my results each week. You can also track my results on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow me there.

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#Spon: Today Starts a New Beginning with @Medifast #Giveaway

sampleDisclaimer: I received a sample of the Medifast products in order to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Medifast products and the Medifast program are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.

Day 1 with Medifast

It’s no secret: Weight Loss is kind of a big deal on this blog. I worked really hard last year to get to my lowest weight I’ve seen in almost 13 years!

But, I’ve got to be honest. I didn’t do a very good job of sticking with it. I thought I could maintain my weight without eating right or exercising often. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Now, here I am, heading right back to the me I swore I would NEVER be again. I’m up TWENTY POUNDS from my lowest weight last year, and I want to cry.

But I will not sit down and cry about it. I will not wallow in self pity and eat – like I’ve done way too many times the past 6 months. Not anymore.

Today begins a NEW DAY to a NEW ME. The one who makes better choices, who gets it right, and who loves the way she looks and feels. Gone are the days of stress eating and eating because I’m bored. I will once again begin my daily exercise routines and work to create the healthy me I *know* is in there.

This time, though, I’m not doing it alone. I’m teaming up with Medifast, and for the next 30 days, I will be participating in the Medifast Achieve™ 4&2&1 Plan, and I will share my progress with you along the way.

I am excited about this new journey and my partnership with Medifast. I’m ready to work hard, eat right, and do it for keeps this time around!

Have you thought about trying Medifast for yourself? Maybe now it’s time for you to make that next step! I’ve got a few ways to help you do just that!


How about a discount? If you use the code Blessed25 on the Medifast website, you will receive $25 off your order of $250 or more, as well as free shipping! It’s a great way to get you started on your own journey.


Want to try the Medifast Products before you jump in? Medifast wants to give away a box of brownies to one lucky reader! To win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me WHY you want to get on a healthier track. Is it for your children? Is it for yourself? Is it because you’ve just put it off for too long? Whatever your reason for wanting to be healthier, I want to hear!

The giveaway will end 5/11 at 11:59pm. US Residents only, ages 18 and older.

I would LOVE to have you join me on this journey! Please check back to see my results each week. You can also track my results on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow me there.

Also, be sure to follow Medifast every way you can in order to learn more about them:

Five Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t easy if it were we’d all be a size zero! If you are trying to shed some pounds, why not make it a little easier on yourself?  A small change here and there can really show in you weight loss results.

Fitness trackers
A current trend at the moment is for all singing and dancing fitness trackers. Unlike the pedometers of old, you can use them to track the type of exercise you are doing, your sleep, your water intake and how many calories you have had. For the digital ones, you will need to download the relevant app to your mobile or smart device. The Fitbit is a good option as it’s made of rubber, perfect when exercising as it doesn’t rub or absorb sweat. It also has a simple light up display, which tells you how far along you are towards meeting your daily activity goal. When you do reach your goal, it vibrates and flashes, and it’s a great way of positively reinforcing your achievement.

A more low-tech option is the mojo fit bracelet which you can use to track calories and water consumption. Just swivel the beads up and down the bracelet to keep track and help you prevent cheating yourself.

Nutritional supplements
For effective weight loss, it is important that your digestive system is at full health. Lactobacillus can help with this.

This probiotic naturally produces Bacteriocin, which slows the development of harmful bacteria in your digestive system. This promotes good digestive health.

Fat binders are another option to consider for your weightloss journey. Fat binders attach to that fat that you consume, making it more difficult for the body to absorb. While you can lose up to two times what you would loose with your own efforts, there can be some unpleasant side effects. I won’t go into too much detail about here, but suffice it to say, you’re going to need to be near a restroom for quite a lot of the time.


Another popular way of making weight loss easier is through hypnosis. Hypnosis works by putting you into a trance like state. During this state your subconscious is more suggestible, so you can introduce ideas about eating. This can include stopping when you’re full, not eating junk food and even the idea that you have a gastric band! All of these techniques can help you lose weight as you will consume less bad food and fewer calories altogether. There are many books available on the subject of hypnotism and weight loss. Try Paul Mckenna’s I Can Make You Thin. Along with the hypnosis CD, that you listen to once a day, he also includes others tips to put you off the bad foods you crave and to get you up and exercising.

Eat From A Smaller Plate

It’s a simple trick, but eating from a smaller plate can really help your control your portions sizes and so lose weight. As the saying goes we ‘first east with our eyes and then with our mouth’.  Being presented with a large plate of food can cause some issues for dieters. While it’s easy to say that you will stop when you’re full, it may not be, once you are eating all that food that your enjoy. Having a limited plate size can end this problem before it occurs. Remember too that after a while, your stomach will shrink down to its normal size, that of an orange. Meaning you will not get those hunger pangs, even though you are eating less.

A similar way of making losing weight easier is to use a diet plate. This is a plate that is decorated to show the correct portion sizes for each type of food. You can quickly and easily see how much carbohydrates, protein and veg you should be eating at each meal, making weight loss a doddle.

Eat A Cube Of Cheese Before Your Meal
Image source

I know you are probably trying to avoid snacking, but why not give eating a small cube of full-fat cheese before your meal, a go? The concept behind this is that it takes 20 mins for the brain to recognize the full feelings from the stomach. By eating something high in fat before your main meal, you speed this process up. By the time you are eating your food, your brain is already receiving full messages from your stomach, meaning your will eat less.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Got all your fitness goals figured out? Great – deciding what you want to achieve is half the battle! So now you just need to start your journey to achieve them. And you know just how you will get there, right? Well, maybe not quite. Not many of us know the best ways to go about achieving our fitness goals. It can mean some big changes to our lives, which many people will find quite a scary prospect. But you don’t have to worry quite so much. It just takes a bit of getting used to! If you are completely at a loss when it comes to getting fit; don’t panic. In this blog post, I’ll be covering everything you ever wanted to know about achieving your fitness goals!

Eat A Good Diet
It’s time to ditch all the junk and processed foods. Swap it all for fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is the first step toward getting fit. And it won’t just help your fitness either; your overall health and immune system will be better for it as well! So how do you start to eat more healthily? It’s easy really! Just try to keep your snacks down to a minimum. If you do feel hungry in between meals, help yourself to a piece of fruit or another healthy snack. Don’t want to give up your favorite fatty condiments like mayonnaise and ranch dressing? Not a problem either! Just look for healthy alternatives next time you’re in the supermarket. Look out for original products Hampton Creek and their healthy ranges of sauces and dips. But the main way you can eat a balanced diet is by ensuring you are eating plenty of veggies and fruits. You need to aim for at least five portions of different varieties every day. You can be creative with how you eat these portions. Why not try fresh fruit smoothies, leafy salads, or curries crammed with veg? If you don’t enjoy cooking, you could also sign up to a meal plan.

Get Some Zzzs Every Night
Getting a good night’s sleep is often overlooked. But it is actually super important if you want to be as fit as possible! If you wake after a full night’s sleep, then you will be fully refreshed and ready to start the new day. That means you’ll be able to perform well in your workout and hit all your targets! That’s not all, though. If we wake tired and feel lethargic throughout the day, it is all too easy to overeat. This is because our body needs some extra energy and the best place to find that is food. That also explains why we crave fatty and sugary foods a lot when we are super sleepy.  Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night? There are some hacks that you could use to help yourself out. Try to block out all light and sound that comes into your bedroom from outside. These are only distractions that will prevent you from dropping off. Don’t look at your laptop or smartphone just before bed either. The light from their screens will stimulate your brain and make it feel more awake than it actually is.

Lead An Active Lifestyle
You need to stay active and do plenty of exercise if you want to get fit and achieve all your goals. But it also pays to be active for other reasons as well. Exercising can help you lose weight, and it will also give your mood a boost. So, overall, exercising can lead to lots of happiness and confidence! Many people put off exercising because they are unfit to begin with. Sure, taking part in physical activities might feel like a big struggle to start off with, but this is all part of getting fit! If you want to stick to exercising, you need to take baby steps at first. Don’t think you can run a marathon right from the get go –  no one can do that without any training! But you can start walking more and doing short, easy workout sessions. As soon as you get used to this level of exercise, build it up. Increase the length of your walks or training sessions. You need also to try walking faster and training a bit harder. The best way to get into peak fitness is to lengthen and increase the intensity of your workout sessions slowly. You will get there, slowly but surely! As you increase your sessions, be sure not to work too hard. If you take things too quickly and try to improve too soon, you could end up seriously injuring yourself. And if you do, that could set your training program back a few weeks. So remember to take things slowly to prevent injury. Don’t forget to stretch your muscles after each workout. This can also lower your chances of a sporting injury.

Join A Group Or Club
If you feel getting fit is all too much on your own, you might be better off with some support from people who are going through the same thing. That’s why many people find joining a club or sports group very beneficial. There are lots of different clubs out there that focus on different sports and fitness activities. If you are a member of your local gym but find that you aren’t motivated on their machines, you might do better in a class. The classes will be included in your membership price so you won’t have to pay extra. Working out surrounded by other people can be super fun and extremely motivating. There are loads of other advantages over working out solo too. It’s a great way to meet new people, and you will make lots of new friends. Not a fan of the gym? Don’t worry; how about signing up for your local running club? As part of the club, you will be invited on every run they take part in. Many people find running with others a great way to train for a race. Take a look online for other sports clubs or groups in your area. Other popular ones include cycling, tennis, and hiking groups.

Get Everyone At Home Involved
Trying to get fit on your own can feel very isolated. One way to overcome this is, as I mentioned above, to join a sports group or club. However, there is another way to get people on board with you. Get your whole family involved! This can help you stick to your healthy eating plan. As the whole family will be eating healthily, there is no need for you to carry on buying cookies, chips, and fries. So as the whole family are involved, you can now get all the unhealthy food out of your kitchen! Getting fit with your family is a great way to boost everyone’s morale. Especially when you are active together. You don’t all need to hit the gym together. After all, if you have young children, that isn’t a good idea! Instead, think about going for family walks. Or you could just even take the kids to your nearest park. This way, you all get to have a nice stroll outside, and the kids can blow off some steam in the playground. Why not stop using the car for the school run as well? If the school is close by, start walking there and back. It is little changes to your lifestyle like this that can have a very big impact!

Stop Weighing Yourself
We can become obsessed with watching our weight while trying to get fit. And this obsession only increases if we are trying to lose some fat. However, this can quickly turn into an unhealthy obsession. Too much focus on your weight can lead you to become paranoid about your eating and exercising habits. In rare cases, this can lead to an eating disorder. So how do you make sure you continue to lose weight without weighing yourself regularly? It’s simple really. You just need to make sure you stick to your healthy eating and stay as active as you can. This way, you know you are on the right track. Over time, you will begin to feel fitter and more confident in your body. You might even forget about the bathroom scales! But if you would still like some reassurance, you just need to see how your clothes feel. Are your trousers feeling slightly slacker and looser? Then that’s a sign you’ve lost a few pounds! So next time you’re wondering if your new lifestyle is working, try on an old pair of jeans rather than hit the scales. Hopefully, you’ll be pleased with the results!

Getting fit is difficult? Not anymore! At least, not now you have this guide to keep you on the right track. At times, it may feel difficult to stay focused on your fitness goals. But keep at it – once you achieve your end goal you will feel so proud of yourself!

Guest Post: Lifestyle Changes That Help You To Lose Weight Naturally

There are many things that people do not understand about losing weight. The truth is that in so many situations we are faced with problems that appear because of the fact that the person’s lifestyle is not proper. You do not always need to diet heavily or go to the gym every single day to be able to reach a perfect weight. Consider the following lifestyle changes and you will see great improvements that you will love.

Portion Control

One of the best possible ways to lose weight is to pay attention to how much you actually eat. This is what nutritionists talk about and what they recommend at all times. If you take a look at the size of your portion, you will be able to eliminate so many calories on a daily basis. Most people get used to eating too much and by simply focusing on portion control you can even gain the necessary discipline that is needed to have a healthy lifestyle.

Positive Thinking

Most people think about what they cannot eat instead of remaining focused on what they can eat. You should always find something that is healthy to eat, no matter where you go. For instance, let us say that you go to a restaurant that is renowned for really heavy foods, like Italian cuisine. Look for whole wheat options, fresh tomato sauces, fish and similar healthy solutions that are better for you.

Food Records

You can easily handle how much and what you eat when you simply write down what you consume on a daily basis. This has so many advantages. For starters, you can always calculate how much you ate and notice when there are things that have to be removed or added. Bodybuilders are a great example of people that always keep food records. This habit allows them to see when they need protein supplements or when they simply have to make nutritional changes, while also identifying potentially bad food habits.

Structured Snacks And Meals

A problem for many is that they do not eat when they should and this easily leads to overeating. This can be fought by simply eating structured snacks and meals. The big problem is that you will end up eating whatever you find in the event that you are hungry. When you are structured, you are never hungry so you do not overdo it.

Aiming For Progress, Not Perfection

Never be strict when you want to lose weight. So many think that the secret is to control absolutely everything. This is not actually a good approach. Your aim should be to simply look at the big picture and the goals you have at the moment. You do not want to complain about the fact that you have to lose 20 pounds. You need to be focused on how much you already lost. Such a shift in attitude can help out a lot in order to eventually reach the goals you have.

On the whole, every single tip that is offered above can do wonders for you. Try to make the lifestyle changes and look at dieting and working out as being extra help for your weight loss regime.

Final Weigh in on #MyJennyCraig Journey #Sponsored

Sponsored Post

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Jenny Craig. I received a free program and one month of free food in exchange for my honest opinions, thoughts, and results. I have not been compensated for this post in any other way.

Well, I made it 4 weeks into the Jenny Craig program, and I am feeling great! Have you been following along on my journey? If so, you may have noticed on my fitbit dashboard that I have steadily been dropping weight over the past 4 weeks.

Before I get to my final weigh in, let me remind you how I looked at the start of this journey. (And remember that you can read my first post here.)

Day 1 - Jenny Journey

Shudder. While it’s better than it was 7 months ago, it was still nowhere near where I wanted to be.

Now that I’ve been on the program for 4 weeks, let’s see how things have changed.

First, here’s my final weigh in for the program:

Here’s the direct link to access it on Youtube: Final Weigh In

Did you catch that?! 172.3! That means I dropped 13.8 pounds in just 28 days. Not too shabby, and I owe it all to the Jenny Craig program!

Next, let’s see if you can tell a difference:

Day 28 - My Jenny Craig

I can see a *huge* difference, can you? (Note: those are the same clothes in both pictures. I just had a different tank top on underneath the black shirt.)

Here’s a side-by-side view of Day 1 and Day 28:

Before and After Jenny Craig

My chest has moved back up where it belongs, and I am finally seeing a waist again. Almost 14 pounds gone, and I can’t believe the difference it has made.

Now that you’ve seen the results of using the Jenny Craig program for a month, let me tell you some of the things I love most about the program:

  • I love how easy it is to stick to the program. Everything is laid out for you, and in your first shipment, they send you tons of information on what you’ll need to purchase from the grocery store, and tons and tons of tips on how to make the program work best for you.
  • I looked forward to my Friday morning consultations with Tina. She was so upbeat and encouraging. It was always a pleasure to hear from her and get tips on making it through a tough week.
  • The food was fantastic. Some of it was a little spicy, but it wasn’t unbearable. And I did love the fact that I got yummy desserts every so often to satisfy my sweet tooth. I never felt hungry, and even my chocolate cravings were squashed almost daily!
  • With their new programs, Jenny Craig is more affordable than ever. Check out the Jenny Craig website and all of their delicious food options. Then, look around some more and read how the program works. Maybe you could get started on your own Jenny Craig journey too and see fabulous results in as little as one month!

I did tell my consultant that I’m nervous about going off the program, just because I did so well on it. But, I’ve purchased a pretty little plate to use for my meals to keep my portion sizes down where they should be. And I’ll be sure to stock up on lots of healthy snacks. I’m more determined than ever to meet my goal, and I know that doing the Jenny Craig program gave me the push in the right direction that I needed.

I’m hoping soon that I’ll be able to share the news that I’ve reached my final goal. Stay tuned and check into the blog often for updates.

Tell Me: What feature of the Jenny Craig program sounds most appealing to you?

How I Lost 40 Pounds in 6 Months

Before I get too far into this post, let me just say 2 things:

  1. I am not a doctor and do not profess to be a medical professional of any kind. Before beginning any diet or exercise program, please speak with your primary care physician about what is right for you.
  2. I cannot promise this will work for you. I wish I could. Unfortunately, every person is different, and what may work for one may not work for another.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the post!

First, we’ll back up about 7 – 8 months. I was at my heaviest weight. I was miserable. In fact, I was dealing with a lot of chronic pain. I was in and out of my doctor’s office trying to figure out what steps to take next.

I wasn’t eating right. I was completely addicted to soda… Pepsi to be more specific. It was like my own version of alcoholism. I would drink a minimum of 16 cans of Pepsi PER DAY. I was depressed, and it was all because I was feeling fat and ugly.

People would say things like, “Oh, you look good for having 6 kids.” I HATED hearing that. I knew they were lying. I didn’t look good, and I certainly didn’t feel “good.” {I know that’s not proper grammar, but you get what I mean.}

In December, the wonderful people at DietBet contacted me and asked me if I would compete against several other mom bloggers for the chance at a $5,000 pot, and we would have to give some of that money to charity.

That was exactly the kick in the pants I needed. I am an incredibly competitive person, and knowing that I could play for a charity like St. Jude and have the opportunity to give them up to $5,000, well, let’s just say that I was all in.

The competition started in early January. I weighed in at a ghastly 213 pounds. I hadn’t been on a scale in months, and I had no idea that it had gotten so out of control. In that first DietBet challenge, I lost 17 pounds. I smashed the competition, {although according to DietBet rules, we all “won”}, and I gave all my winnings to St. Jude’s.

Now, here we are in June. It’s been 6 months since I started that first DietBet challenge, and I am down 40 pounds.

Take a look at my before and after shots: {Click the picture to see it larger.}

40 pounds in 6 months
Pretty dramatic difference, isn’t it? I can’t believe the difference in my face and upper body. And my BUTT. Oh my gosh. Every time I have gotten pregnant, I have carried my kids in my butt and hips. My butt was huge. I was in a size 16 pants in January. Now, I can squeeze my behind into any pair of size 10s, and most size 8s. I’ve come a long way.

But I still have a long way to go. My goal is to lose another 40 pounds or so and get down to 130 – 135 pounds. THEN I want people to tell me that I look good for having 6 kids. I might actually start to believe them.

I have people asking me every day what I’ve been doing to lose the weight. So, I thought I’d share my tips with you. I hope they help encourage you get on a path to healthier living.

  • I’ve focused on Spiritual growth. I realize that I can do nothing on my own. But, through Christ, I can do anything. {Philippians 4:13} Early in January, I discovered Job 23:12b that says, “I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.” I made that my life verse for this weight loss challenge. Whenever I want something sweet, I remind myself of those words, and I pick up my Bible. I know it sounds crazy, but it has truly worked for me. I have made my Spiritual life and my relationship with Jesus my top priority, and I have benefited in so many ways because of it.
  • I’ve reduced portion sizes. Drastically. I still eat exactly what my family eats, but I put my servings on a kid-sized plate instead of a large plate. And when I’ve eaten what’s on my plate, that’s it. No seconds.
  • I opt for Fat-Free, Low-Fat, and Reduced calorie as often as I can. We have one shelf in our pantry dedicated to my snacks and such. The kids know those items are off limits to them. Any time I buy salad dressing, it’s fat free. I also only use fat-free Feta cheese on salads.
  • I eat every 2 – 3 hours during the day.It starts with breakfast at 8, snack at 10, lunch at noon, snack at 3, and dinner at 6. My portions are small, yes, but this absolutely keeps me from getting hungry at all during the day. Some of my favorite snacks include:
    • Fruit Nuggets – these are found in the Fruit Snacks section. They contain 0g of fat and only 50 calories per pack. LOVE them.
    • Snackwell’s Devil’s Food Cookie Cakes – This is how I get my chocolate fix. Each cookie only has 50 calories and NO fat.
    • Fat Free Fig Newtons – In two cookies, there are only 90 calories and no fat. {Note: Nabisco has large packs that you can toss in your purse, but the two cookies in those packs contain 200 calories. I buy the tray of cookies and just toss Ziploc baggies that contain 2 cookies in my purse.}
    • Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop – I honestly can’t finish an entire serving myself. But, one serving only contains 100 calories and only 2g of fat.
    • Snack Pack Chocolate Fat Free Pudding – Another chocolate fix. Only 90 calories and zero fat.
    • Fruit – Berries, Bananas, Oranges. Sometimes I even get creative and mix several fruits in a blender with ice and little Truvia to sweeten it, and make a smoothie. Mmmm.
  • I completely gave up soda. As you can imagine, this was quite a challenge for me. But I honestly believe it was the BEST decision I ever could have made. Now, the ONLY thing I will drink is water. I will not even allow myself a sip of soda or Sweet Tea {another weakness!}, because I know it would take nothing for me to fall back into old habits.
  • I Exercise Daily. I started slowly. After all, until January, the most exercise I got was going to the grocery store with all 6 kids. I have a treadmill, and when I first started, my goal was to burn 200 calories per day. I started by walking at 2.5 MPH, and then slowly increased that number weekly. My March, I was burning 300 calories/day, and now I burn 400 calories on the treadmill everyday. Toward the end of April, I started using the Total Gym as well. Now I do 400 calories on the treadmill {which takes about an hour}, and then I do 30 – 45 minutes on the Total Gym.  I also park my car farther away at the store, and force myself to walk that extra bit as often as I can. Just getting up and moving will make a huge difference. You don’t have to walk fast. My treadmill only goes up to 4 MPH, but I have literally walked my butt off the past 6 months. And, to answer any questions, YES. I exercise 7 days a week. I won’t allow myself to take a day of rest, because I’ll want to rest all the time.

It takes a complete lifestyle change in order to lose weight and get healthy. You have to be willing to give up some of your favorite things. Am I saying that you have to give them up forever? Of course not. But isn’t it worth it to give it up for a short time so that you can become the person that you want to be?

I also want to mention that since January when I made this lifestyle change, I have not had one single pain that I was dealing with last year. I feel about a million times better than I have in years. For me, these changes were life-changing and possibly life-saving.

For the past few days, I have been learning about another lifestyle transformation program, and I am prayerfully considering trying it out and seeing how it works for me at getting those last 40 pounds off. Depending on how the program works for me, hopefully I will be sharing more about it with you all soon.

However, until that happens, I will continue on the path I laid out above. I will work hard, eat right, and praise Jesus for every pound that comes off.

If you have any questions or just want to talk about weight loss, I hope you’ll leave a comment on this post.