How to Make a Christmas Wreath (Tutorial)


You won’t believe how super easy (or cheap!) it is to make this wreath! Let’s get started, and we’ll fancy up your door this Christmas season.

Materials Needed
Christmas Bow (see my “How to Make a Large Bow” post.)
Wreath (I got mine from Walmart for $2.50. It’s 20 inches.)
Ornaments of different sizes/colors.
Large Ornament, Wooden Letter, Decoration, etc.
Hot Glue Gun
Florist Wire



Step 1. First, you need your wreath. Mine was as flat as flat could be, so I had to spend some time “floofing” it into shape.


Step 2. Decide where you would like the bow to sit on the wreath.


Step 3. Fold a large piece of Florist Wire in half and use it to attach the bow to the wreath. (Be sure to twist the wire as tightly as you can. I use tweezers/wire cutters to do this.) Then, tuck any extra wire up into the wreath so you can’t see it.



Step 4. Decide where you want the large ornament/decoration/etc. to go, and flatten the branches around it as needed. Use LOTS of hotglue to glue it into place. (Especially if you’ll be putting the wreath on a door. If your house is like mine, the door will get opened – and slammed – about a thousand times a day.)


Step 5. Tuck the tails of the bow in the branches, leaving room to still glue on ornaments.



Step 6. Use lots of hotglue on each ornament and strategically place them all around the wreath.


Ta da! You have a beautiful wreath perfect for decorating your door, or giving as a gift this Christmas season! Just grab a wreath hanger from your favorite store, and hang your beautiful creation on your door… or wall. 🙂

Here’s what’s hanging on my door this year:

I would love to hear how your wreath turns out if you use this tutorial!