Do You Keep a Prayer Journal?

Let me start by saying that if you don’t keep a prayer journal, I’d like to encourage you to start.

prayer journalIn 2008, I started keeping a prayer journal. I wrote in my prayer journal faithfully, every day thanking God for his blessings and adding in new requests. At the end of the year, I loved going back and reading through all the answers to prayer God had given us that year. In fact, I loved it so much that it became a daily ritual for me, and it has been since July of 2008.

How does one start a prayer journal?

Well, different people may do different things. I’ll share with you how I keep my prayer journal.

I usually use some sort of spiral bound notebook or hardcover journal. I’ve found that the spiral bound journals/notebooks are easier to use, because the binding of a hardcover journal can be difficult and uncomfortable to write in. But, it’s really up to you and your personal preferences. Then, I keep two pens with my journal: a black pen and a red pen. I use the black pen to write in requests, and I use the red pen to write in answers to prayer and praises.

On the first page of the journal, I start listing requests. I start with my constant prayers: My relationship with Christ, my relationship with my husband, the salvation of my children… instead of writing the date beside these requests, I write the word Constant. I leave one to two blank lines between every request so that I can write in any answers God gives that year.

After I list the constant prayers on my heart, I start with those who are sick as well as other needs of my friends and family. If there are requests from last year that have not been answered yet, I move those over to the new journal as well.

When there is an answer to a request, I will write in the empty space beside the original request in red pen and tell exactly how the Lord answered that prayer. For example, last year we had been praying for a man in our church that was very, very sick. The Lord ended up calling him home this year, so beside his name, I wrote, “Went home to be with Jesus” and then the date.

Every day I will go through and write in new requests. They may be simple requests or large requests – it doesn’t matter. No request is too small to God, and it allows me to put everything in His hands and under His control.

Some people will take a prayer journal day by day and write that day’s requests and then actually write out their prayer. I have done that in the past, but I’ve found that the way I’ve explained above is better for me. It shows me instantly what God has done in my life, and what I need to continue praying for.

If your relationship with Christ is lacking, or if you just don’t feel like He’s working in your life any more, let me encourage you to start a prayer journal. It forces you to take time with your Savior, and it will show you all the ways He is working in your life.

Do you keep a Prayer Journal?