Parenting Fail: 2 Ouchies in 1 Week

Every have one of those weeks as a parent where you feel like no matter how hard you try, nothing ever goes right?

That was last week for me.

On Tuesday, Gene told the kids they could go play downstairs in the basement. Stupid me had forgotten to remove the safety key from the treadmill, so guess where the kids automatically went? Yep. You guessed it. Jace was walking on the treadmill and Parker decided he was going to do it. He hopped on and immediately fell. His hand hit the runner, and it rubbed his poor little hand raw. For the next e days, every time Parker looked at his hand, he would get sick. It was horrible. And, lesson learned – the safety key is out of the treadmill and hidden where the kids can’t find it. {The treadmill doesn’t work without that key.}

On Friday evening, I was in the kitchen, getting ready to make dinner. I had a big, yummy roast in the crockpot, and all day long, I had been smelling it. It was divine. I was in the middle of draining the potatoes to make homemade mashed potatoes when I heard a blood-curdling scream from outside. The front door flew open, and Lucy went straight for the couch. I ran over to see what had happened, and all I could see was blood. So much blood. I grabbed Lucy and ran to the bathroom. She had split her bottom lip open.

I took the kids over to my MIL’s house so that her husband could check Lucy’s lip and make sure I wasn’t overreacting. {Yes, I tend to do that.} He agreed that she needed to go, so they kept the other 5 kids for me, and Lucy and I set off for the ER. After an hour of sitting and waiting, {No one is in a hurry – even when you write BLEEDING! in big, bold letters on the sign in sheet.}, the doctor came in, took one look at her, and decided she needed stitches.

I panicked. Lucy is a drama queen – and she gets it honestly. When I was 6 and had to have stitches, they had to strap me to the table by my arms, my legs, and my head. Visions of that came flooding back, and I just knew I was in for the ultimate payback with Lucy.

Wouldn’t you know it? The stinker didn’t even cry. She sat there while he numbed her lips with SIX shots, and she didn’t make a peep when he stitched her lip back together. I did worse than she did, and I had to sit down halfway through. We didn’t need me passing out and needing stitches too.

By the time it was all done and over with, I was so proud of Lucy.

6 kids and 14 years of being a mom and this was my first experience with stitches. Not too bad. But, next time, Dad gets to take them for stitches. That was too much excitement for me.

I’m so glad it’s a new week and we get to start fresh. I’d like to never live last week over again. Ever.

Ever have just an all around bad parenting week? Share. I’d love to hear about it. {Then I know I’m not alone!}