Costume SuperCenter – Our Captain America Costume Review

You’ve seen the commercials, and you’re well aware that The Avengers are in your local theater right now. {Still hoping I actually get to see the movie in the theater!} But, as a mom with 4 boys, I’ve got my own little set of Avengers here at home. And my boys have very vivid imaginations. One thing they love to do is dress up in costumes of their favorite super heroes. Needless to say, I am always scouting websites looking for the best boys costumes I can find – at a price I can actually afford.

Costume Supercenter recently contacted me and asked if I would like to review a costume for them. After visiting their website and seeing all the cool Avengers costumes they had available, I couldn’t wait to do this review… and neither could my boys!

Captain America is our favorite Avenger. He’s super cool, and he totally kicks butt. And the Captain America costume that Costume SuperCenter sent us is absolutely awesome! I love the fake “muscles” that are built into the costume. It makes my boys feel like they really are Captain America, and they can prepare to “fight the bad guys” – and all the evil things that lurk in the woods around our house. 🙂

I am really impressed with the quality of the costume – and with the price. At less than $30, these costumes are perfect for my boys. I can purchase them as birthday or Christmas gifts, or even “just because.”

The one thing that bummed us all out a bit, though, is that the costume didn’t come with Captain America’s shield. Now, really, how can you be Captain America without a shield? Luckily, my boys are great improvisors, and Zander made up his own Captain America shield. {I will be purchasing the Captain America movie shield from Costume Supercenter for Zander’s birthday.}

I will definitely be shopping at Costume Supercenter for all our costume needs. With their super low prices and fantastic selection, I can find exactly what I need for each one of my kids. Their customer service is top-notch, and they ship very quickly.

If you have kids that love to play dress up, or if you’re already thinking about what to do for Halloween costumes this year, head on over to the  Costume Supercenter website and take a look around. You’re certain to find something you’re going to love!

Also be sure to follow Costume Supercenter on Twitter and become a fan of Costume Supercenter on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I received the costume mentioned above from Costume Supercenter in order to facilitate my review. I have not been compensated for this post in any other way.

Happy Birthday, Jace!

I simply cannot believe that my Jace is 7 today! Seems like just yesterday I found out we were expecting him – and Zander wasn’t even 5 months old at the time!

This has been quite a year for Jace. He asked Jesus into his heart, graduated kindergarten, lost his 2 front teeth, started first grade, and we found out he has an intolerance to gluten.

Jace has such a sweet heart. He loves his Mommy – and his Daddy – and usually he’s a pretty big helper around here.

JJ, I want you to know how special you are and how much I love you! I am so proud of the young man you are becoming. Remember to keep Jesus first in your life. He’ll always take care of you. I hope today is your best birthday yet! I love you – to infinity and beyond! 🙂 ~Mom

Put the Boys in Cub Scouts

Last night, we had the official “parents meeting” with our local Cub Scout Troop. That means the boys are really, truly Cub Scouts now. They could not be more excited. Even Parker is excited, and he’s still almost 4 years away from being part of a pack.

As I was getting ready to go to last night’s meeting, Parker came up to my room and said, “Mom, I’m a parent. I need to go to the meeting tonight for Cub Scouts.” Bless his heart – he wanted to go so badly that hubby and I took him along with us. All went just fine until he started playing with my phone, found the Cube Dog app, and started making my phone meow like a cat. (I still have no idea how he did that. 1. My phone was on silent, and 2. it’s a Cube DOG app.) The other parents and leaders thought it was hysterical, though, so no one seemed to mind the interruption too much. At least I don’t think they did.

Truth be told, I’m really excited about the boys joining Scouts too. I think that Cub Scouts will be a very good thing for both of them. Zander needs the social interaction Cub Scouts offers, and Jace needs the disciplined atmosphere. Sounds like a win-win to me! And, since the whole family gets to get involved, I think it will be really good for all the kids. I just need to start praying now that hubby’s work schedule doesn’t conflict too badly with Cub Scouts. Taking 6 kids to Cub Scouts 4 – 5 times a month by myself sounds exhausting.

I don’t have much Cub Scout experience, but that will be changing very soon now that I’ll have 2 boys in the program. Luckily, my Uncle is the ultimate Boy Scout, still active with a troop here in our area. You can bet I’ll be leaning on him for advice and direction through the boys’ time in Scouts. So glad I have him in my life! 🙂

Do you have any experience with Cub Scouts? What did your boys learn? Would you do it again?

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